Marvel Studios Reportedly Plans to Revive More '90s Animated Shows

X-Men '97
Credit: Marvel Animation

X-Men '97
Credit: Marvel Animation

A new report has claimed that Marvel Studios is eyeing to do more revival of the beloved animated shows from the '90s.

Last week, the highly-anticipated animated series X-Men '97, the revival of X-Men: The Animated Series from the 1990s, finally premiered to huge success as it garnered overwhelmingly positive reactions from fans and critics.

There are fans who have been wondering whether it will lead to more revivals and continuations of the other Marvel animated shows from that decade as well.

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Marvel Plans to Do More Revival of '90s Animated Shows, Report Says

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Credit: Disney+

A fan recently asked reporter Alex Perez of The Cosmic Circus during a Q&A session of Discord regarding the possibility of more revival of the Marvel animated shows from the '90s.

He said that he heard from sources that Marvel Studios is discussing a potential shared universe of the '90s animated shows and a sequel series to Spider-Man: The Animated Series will likely be the next candidate.

"There have been discussions about exploring a Marvel 90s animated universe, which would most likely be explored through X-Men ’97 at this time," he said.

"There is potential for more projects to be developed within this universe, the most likely candidate being a sequel series to Spider-Man: The Animated Series, but this is still very early in development as an idea being tossed around."

So far, Marvel Studios has not commented on the claims that were made in the report.

We have heard recently from Marvel Studios executive Brad Winderbaum that X-Men '97 will feature cameo appearances from other characters and could potentially set up a major crossover event.

A lot of fans would definitely be happy to see more revivals of the '90s animated shows and give them a contemporary take and updated visuals similar to X-Men '97.

For now, let's wait and see how it will all unfold and it is likely that we will get more ideas throughout the first season of X-Men '97 when they introduce guest appearances of other Marvel characters.

New episodes of X-Men '97 premiere every Wednesday on Disney+.

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