Marvel Fans Are Not Happy with the Morbius Post-Credits Scenes

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers about the post-credits scenes of Morbius

Around two years after the first trailer was released and multiple release date delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Morbius finally arrived in theaters. Unfortunately, the critic reviews have been mostly negative and the leaks leading up to the release have concerned a lot of fans leading to a more underwhelming buzz.

Now that some people were able to have a chance to see it, there's now a lot of discussions online regarding the film, particularly with the post-credits scenes which have sparked a lot of confusion and disappointment from fans who have been enjoying both the MCU and the Sony's Spider-Man Universe up to this point.

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Let's recall what happened first: the mid-credits scenes of Morbius featured Michael Keaton's Adrian Toomes who was apparently transported from the MCU to Sony's universe as a result of Doctor Strange's spell at the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Since he has no criminal records in that universe, he was let go out of the jail and is now set free. Adding to that is Adrian seems to be unfazed about being in another universe. In fact, he was thinking more about the food being "better" rather than the fact that he is suddenly in a new universe far away from his family.

However, the confusion doesn't stop there. In the post-credits scene, we see Morbius driving a car in the middle of the night. No explanation was given although it seems that he received an urgent call that made go out for some reason. He stopped in the middle of the desert where he waited for the mysterious person. Later on, Adrian finally arrived in his Vulture suit without an explanation on where he got it and why he also decided to call Morbius. All we saw is that Adrian was seemingly recruiting Morbius to be part of the Sinister Six to "do some good" and he also mentioned Spider-Man (whoever he is in this universe). Morbius replied by saying that he's "intrigued."

The post-credits scenes have sparked a lot of confusion and questions from fans as none of them made any sense at all. A lot of them have shared their frustrations and disappointments online. Here are some of the reactions:

Needless to say, a lot of fans are not happy with the post-credits scenes because of how confusing they are. Why such decisions were made? We don't know for now. However, director Daniel Espinosa tried to explain it recently through an interview which seems that they were just trying to save themselves because of the early leaks.

Also, it looks like several fans are now wanting to see Sony return the Spider-Man rights back to Marvel because of the creative decisions made here that might tarnish the characters' future. Of course, the studio's indicator of its success will be the box office results. If the film has very impressive box office numbers despite the negative reviews, they might still call it a win.

While the post-credits scenes might leave a lot of us confused, they might still be able to address and give us the answers in future films in the franchise. However, there's a lot of logic problems and loopholes that they have to get over in order to actually answer them. Why was Adrian affected by the spell even though the MCU is his true home? Where did he get his Vulture suit? How did he know Morbius can help him? Why does he want to battle Spider-Man in that universe? Why is Morbius intrigued even though he may not know who Spider-Man is? There are just so many questions that need to be addressed and it's hard to tell if there's actually going to be a satisfying answer because of the many loopholes.

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Morbius is currently showing in theaters everywhere.

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