Morbius Is Expected to Have Lower Opening Weekend Box Office Than Venom 2

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We're now a day away before Morbius makes its way for Thursday night previews in theaters. However, the early reactions have been mostly negative and the critical reviews are still under embargo so there is no actual word-of-mouth yet if the film is good or not. Of course, the studio has an eye more on its box office numbers as it will be their best indicator of its success. Now, the projections are out and it looks like the expectations are being tempered.

According to Variety, Morbius is currently expected to earn between $40-50 million during its domestic opening weekend box office based on the independent tracking services. However, Sony is currently projecting around the conservative number of $33 million tempering their expectations. Either way, it will be significantly lower than Venom: Let There Be Carnage which had an opening of $90 million.

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To be fair, the character of Morbius is not as popular as Venom so it is not expected to reach those high numbers. However, given the multiple delays and the film being part of a major comic book movie franchise, the numbers are still concerning especially now that it is getting negative buzz so far leading up to the release.

For now, it's hard to make a judgment if the projected domestic opening weekend box office numbers will be met (or possibly not) given that the reviews are still under embargo. Of course, a lot of people are still interested to see the film no matter what the reviews are. However, if they are overwhelmingly negative, some people might be discouraged to see the film which could affect its box office numbers.

It would be curious to see if Morbius will end up becoming a surprise hit despite the negative buzz or if it will be the first flop in Sony's Spider-Man Universe franchise. Right now, there are a lot of red flags leading up to the release and let's just see what kind of consequences will it have if it ends up being disappointing for the future of the franchise that is already planned by Sony.

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Morbius is set to be released in theaters this Friday.

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