Morbius Reviews Are In: "Worst Marvel Superhero Movie," "Huge Missed Opportunity"

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We're now a day away (or hours if we're counting the Thursday night previews) before Morbius finally hits theaters after several delays. Unfortunately, it has been getting negative buzz leading up to the release thanks to the early reactions. Now, the critic review embargo for the latest Sony's Spider-Man Universe film has finally lifted and it looks like the negative buzz is still consistent.

As of the time of the writing of this article, Morbius has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 21% out of 73 reviews while it has a Metacritic score of 37 based on the 24 reviews that they gathered so far. Suffice to say, the film is getting negative reviews and the reception is similar to the early reactions, which itself was already a hint on how the critics might respond to the film.

Here are some of the reviews from critics, pundits, and journalists:

Just like in the early reactions, most of the criticisms are in the story itself and how "dated" it is since it is a reminisce of the comic book films movies that used to get made before the MCU changed the game. The responses to the visuals and the action sequences have also been mixed as they called it either "okay" or "bad." Matt Smith is also getting a significant amount of praise.

However, while the critics might be panning the film, there is still a chance that the audience might like it since there are times when the critics and the audience do not have the same type of consensus. However, based on the responses to the post-credits scenes leak, it is likely that a lot might get disappointed.

Let's just wait and see how the film will perform at the box office since it is the studio's measurement of whether it's a success for them. If Morbius ends up becoming a huge flop, it would be curious to see if Sony will change their plans for the franchise and how it will also affect the character's future.

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Morbius is showing in theaters this Friday.


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