Manifest Comes Back Strong Topping Netflix Charts After Revival

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Credit: NBC

The NBC series about a plane that disappeared only to return again after five years got the chance to close off its story and in preparation for that, the first three seasons of Manifest are now available online, just before the rise of Squid Game on Netflix, the previously canceled show topped the charts following its revival on the streaming platform.

Manifest Comes Back Strong Topping Netflix Charts After Revival
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Credit: NBC

In a report from Nielsen, Manifest holds being one of the biggest shows that was streamed online from September 6 to 12 with 831 million minutes played over the said days that it easily placed on the third top spot on Netflix with only Lucifer and Clickbait ahead of it as those shows released new episodes. Manifest became the most-streamed acquired series over the said period.

Around the time of the cancellation of Manifest on NBC, its first two seasons were added on Netflix and a massive number of viewership flooded the streaming platform, strengthening the call of the fans for Netflix to save the series and give it a new home. Given that its performance was impressive, it was renewed by Netflix for its final season, giving the show a chance to have a conclusion.

The recent surge of viewership was the upload of the third season on Netflix where more people flocked to the streaming platform and binged the whole series of Manifest once more.

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For its fourth season, Manifest was cleared to get 20 episodes for its finale and to think it has already been canceled before, such is more than enough for everyone who supports the show as it meant a chance to share the amazing conclusion of Flight Montego Air 828.

Originally, Manifest is a six-season show created to last for that long. Season 3 ended with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger after its 13-episode run and there are still a lot of questions that needs answers because the show is just in the middle of the original story plan. With Rake determined to close the show and give the story a proper send-off, he event hatched a plan B to have the ending told and given justice, that he suggested to have a 2-hour movie for it.

Manifest Season 4 is in development under Netflix with no definite release date yet.