11 Feb 2021 4:13 PM +00:00 UTC

Lucasfilm Reportedly Asked Gina Carano to be Careful With Her Social Media Posts Before Firing Her

The news that Gina Carano was fired from her role as Cara Dune on The Mandalorian has led fans divided. Others are celebrating while others are angered by the decision. The news was truly a shocking moment as Carano was one of the most popular celebrities on the show.

Lucasfilm has confirmed the reports, stating that Gina Carano is ‘not currently employed' by Lucasfilm. To double down on their stance, the studio added that there are no plans for Carano to be in the future of the franchise.

The spokesman added that Carano's social media posts have denigrated people ‘based on their cultural and religious identities', labeling it as abhorrent and unacceptable. People behind the #FireGinaCarano celebrated the announcement. Some fans even started campaigning to have Lara Parrilla replace Carano as Cara Dune.


However, there are also a lot of fans that are not happy. For them, the act of firing Carano is a sign that people with different views than what Hollywood portrays can be easily blacklisted from Hollywood while letting the other side share their opinions, even it can be extreme, without repercussions. This is why some people are also wanting Lucasfilm to fire Pedro Pascal for comparing the US to Nazi Germany. Some people also asked if Lucasfilm even gave a warning to Carano before firing her.

There were reports claiming that Lucasfilm scrapped the idea of giving Cara Dune a spin-off and was looking to fire Carano as early as November. John Campea, a YouTuber focused on reporting and commenting on movies and TV series, tweeted that he received a message stating that Carano was implored to be aware of the impact of her social media statements on others and those with who she collaborates professionally.

Campea's tweet proceeded that Carano indicated a resolve to be more aware of her social media posts on "both occasions" but failed to live up to that commitment. Someone told Campea that Carano should be given a second chance, but the YouTuber responded that she was given a second and third chance.

Tweet of John Campea about Gina Carano
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Credit: Twitter/John Campea
John Campea tweet
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Credit: Twitter/John Campea

This would mean that the tweet about someone imploring Carano to be aware of her impact with her social media posts can be coming from Lucasfilm. Rumor has it that show creator Jon Favreau tried to protect Carano from getting fired but this time, Lucasfilm decided to let her go.

As of the moment, Carano has not yet offered any official statement regarding her dismissal from The Mandalorian.

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