Star Wars Fans Also Want Pedro Pascal Fired After Old 'Controversial' Tweet Resurfaces

Credit: Lucasfilm

Credit: Lucasfilm

Gina Carano's Star Wars journey has officially come to a shocking end after Lucasfilm executives took matters into their own hands and terminated the actress from her contract. Apparently, the company has just been waiting for the right time to fire Carano, who's been making headlines since last year for her socio-political posts.

Now, some Star Wars fans want lead star Pedro Pascal to suffer the same fate as his co-star Carano after an old tweet of him from 2018 resurfaced. In the said tweet, Pascal also compared the United States to Nazi Germany.

Written in June 2018, the post is simply captioned #ThisisAmerica with an image of children in concentration camps during the Holocaust and children in detention in the United States.

The "controversial" tweet once again went viral that even American commentator Ben Shapiro and Donald Trump Jr., son of ex-American President Donald Trump Sr. are calling out the company for choosing to ax Carano while keeping Pascal on board who virtually committed the same mistake as the actress.

By that logic alone, people are convinced that Lucasfilm should also fire Pascal even though the tweet was posted three years ago. The hashtag #FirePedroPascal even trended on Twitter. See some of the fan reactions below:

Pascal has yet to comment regarding the issue. It's a messy situation for sure and it's already causing too much chaos on social media. As it stands, Lucasfilm is firm on its stand regarding Gina's removal from the Star Wars franchise and it'd be interesting to see what their next move will be especially now that fans are also dragging Pascal into the controversy.

Meanwhile, Season 3 of The Mandalorian hits Disney+ in 2022.

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