LOTR: Rings of Power Star Says It Would Be 'Amazing' to Play Batman Villain Mr. Freeze

The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power star Charlie Vickers successfully played with elf warrior Galadriel’s heart by disguising himself as Halbrand, only for the twist ending to reveal he was actually the evil Sauron at season finale. It is no surprise that the actor is looking forward to more antagonistic roles to play on screen, that being one of Batman’s villains, Mr. Freeze.

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The first season of Rings of Powers has ended, and yet its second season is reportedly being filmed. But perhaps playing the big bad Sauron may not be enough for the actor to showcase his talent in playing the role. In an interview with Comicbook.com, Vickers shared he would want to play Batman villain Mr. Freeze because of his prior experience in Disneyland when he was young. Read his story below:

“All characters, villains or heroes, are interesting to me if they’re complex and if they excite me. But there are so many iconic villains that it would be amazing to play. There’s nothing in particular. I’d love to one day — I remember when I was a kid, I went to a theme park — it was Disneyland or something like that — and Mr. Freeze was there, and I think he picked me — they were doing a Batman show, like a parade — he picked me up and ran with me. It was terrifying. I was so scared, and ever since I’ve thought, it’d be cool to play Mr. Freeze in some kind of contemporary, realistic, very sort of dark adaptation. But I mean, that’s a long way down the line, but that’d be cool.”

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Although Warner Bros. and director Matt Reeves are focusing their The Batman spinoffs on the Dark Knight’s rogues’ gallery, Mr. Freeze was not included on the shortlist of Reeves’ priority characters (a number of them being Scarecrow, Clayface, Professor Pyg). So while it is unlikely for Vickers to play Mr. Freeze, the future is uncertain, and there may still be changes made in the duration of making the film.

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