Loki Stars Absent During the MTV Awards Due to Season 2 Filming

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios bagged accolades at the MTV Movie & TV Awards with Loki getting home with the Best Team but the stars of the most popular Disney Plus series were mostly absent and according to Sophia Di Martino who accepted the honors, it is because Season 2 is still filming and they are busy getting ready for it.

Loki Stars Absent During the MTV Awards Due to Season 2 Filming
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Loki Stars Absent During the MTV Awards Due to Season 2 Filming

Loki has been nominated at the MTV Movies & TV Awards under multiple categories such as Best Show, Team, and Breakthrough Performance but it was only Sophia Di Martino who was present at the event to represent her co-stars.

Accepting the award for the Best Team for Loki, Mobius, and Sylvie, Sophia Di Martino showed her sincerest gratitude for the award and revealed that Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson would have loved to attend the event but they were busy with the second season of the show.

Di Martino stated, “Thanks so much, thanks, wow. I know Tom and Owen really wanted to be here. But they're busy getting ready for two. So, I'll accept this on behalf of those guys as well. Thank you so much to the audience for voting, it means everything. Thanks, thanks so much."

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Loki has been regarded as the most popular Disney Plus show to date, of course, it goes the same for all Marvel series on the streaming platform. In the finale of the show, Season 2 has been officially announced in the post-credits scene and while there is no release date yet, all eyes are on how the show would reconcile what happened in the first season.

With Loki Season 2 underway, the whole cast and crew would surely be busy as of the moment and given that the show would be filming in the United Kingdom, it’s clear why they weren’t able to attend the event. With Di Martino being at the awards night, it suggests that her character would be getting involved in the show later than the others.

Loki Season 1 is currently streaming on Disney Plus. There is no confirmed release date yet for Season 2.

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