Loki Season 2 Filming Date Reportedly Revealed

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The first season of Loki was received well by the audience and the critics as it gave us a more in-depth look at the God of Mischief and pushed the boundaries of the MCU as it explored the multiverse and the Time Variance Authority (TVA). A lot of fans got excited when it was announced by the end of the first season finale that a second season is officially coming. Since then, fans have been wondering about when Marvel is going to work on the next installment. Now, it looks like we finally have the production date.

According to Backstage, the second season of Loki is set to begin production this summer at Pinewood Studios in the UK. This is going to be a significant change for the production since the first season was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. Tom Hiddleston is expected to return, but there's no confirmation yet about which other cast members will also be appearing in the second season.

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While the details for the second season are still scarce as of this moment, it is great to hear that we at least finally have the production date as it indicates that Marvel is already in pre-production on the next installment. However, there is no information yet about who the director for the second season will be given that Kate Herron is already confirmed that she won't be returning. There's also no confirmation yet if Michael Waldron, the first season head writer, will be returning to duty.

Given that we now have the production date for the second season, it's also an indication that it might premiere as early as mid or late 2023 or possibly early 2024. While it might be a long wait, there is a lot of MCU films and TV shows that will be premiering between now and then so we're still going to have a lot of MCU fix coming. Plus there are also rumors that the characters from the series might show up in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness which still remains to be seen if it is true.

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The first season of Loki is currently streaming on Disney+.

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