Lena Stars in New 86 Eighty-Six Magical Girl Spin-off

86 Magical Girl Manga Lena

86 Magical Girl Manga Lena

While a second season has yet to be announced, 86 fans have something to look forward to soon. Recently, an upcoming 86 Eighty-Six manga spin-off was announced, and it will see Lena as a magical girl.

This upcoming spin-off was revealed in Kadokawa’s Monthly Comic Alive magazine, and it will be released in the magazine’s next issue which will be released this March.

Given the main series’ more serious tone, a magical girl spin-off should be something that’s right up the alley of many fans, especially as it still stars the main character, Lena.

86 Eighty-Six: A Beautifully Crafted Tale About War and Discrimination

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Fans of mecha and sci-fi shows were impressed with the anime series 86 by A-1 Pictures when it aired from 2021 to early 2022.

While anime fans can now enjoy watching the complete first season, the anime had an unusual broadcast schedule.

It may seem like a standard two-cour anime with a split-cour release, but 86’s release schedule was a bit different. Its first cour aired from April to June 2021.

Its second half then began as expected in October, but it wasn’t completed until March 2022.

Despite its unusual release schedule, the anime became a hit, with many viewers praising its story and characters. It also increased interest in the light novel that it’s based on.

Aside from the anime, the 86 franchise has also expanded with various manga spin-offs and even a full-fledged manga adaptation.

Sadly though, the 86 manga was canceled a few months ago due to the illustrator’s health issues.

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86 Magical Girl Spin-off

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There have been several manga spin-offs of the series already, including one that reimagined the main cast as high school students in a light-hearted comedy.

As for the latest spin-off, it’s entitled 86: Maho Shojo Regina Lena ~Tatakae! Ginga Koko Senkan San Magnolia (or 86: Magical Girl Regina Lena ~Fight! Galactic Cruise Warship San Magnolia in English).

This new spin-off will see Lena transformed into a magical girl; a far cry from her military officer role in the main Eighty-Six series.

86’s magical girl spin-off will be released in Japan on March 27, 2023, in the next Monthly Comic Alive magazine.

Fans will also be treated to a full-color first page when this spin-off debuts.

Currently though, there’s no word yet on whether this new manga will get an English release.

While the other manga spin-offs haven’t gotten English releases, the light novel series is published and distributed in English officially by Yen Press.

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Source: Monthly Comic Alive via Anime News Network

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