Where to Start Reading 86 After the Anime

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Where to Start Reading 86 After the Anime
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86 is one of the best dystopian anime that graced our screens last year. Since 86 Season 3 isn't on the table yet, what is the best way to get more content? Here's where to start reading 86 after the anime.

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What Is the 86 Anime All About?

Unfolding through two main viewpoints, 86 is a dystopian anime.

It tells the story of Lena, an elite soldier of the Republic of San Magnolia, who handles supposedly unmanned mecha to fight a war against the Gead Empire, protecting her country's 85 districts -- and Shin, a soldier from the lesser-known 86th area.


Shin and his fellow soldiers -- all young people who have led hard lives -- are forced to fight for the Republic that has given them nothing in return, with no chance of escape until they die.

About 86 Anime Lena
Credit: A-1 Pictures

Lena is the only handler to treat them as anything other than expendable and grant them human dignity, but she has a lot of preconceived notions to unlearn before she can advocate real change.

86 is also one of the most heartbreaking anime, and the light novel and manga are no different!


Where to Start Reading the 86 Light Novel After the Anime

Where to Start Reading 86 Light Novel After the Anime
Credit: A-1 Pictures

If you really loved 86, it's recommended that you start the light novel from the beginning. However, if you definitely want to skip what is already covered by the anime, you can start reading the light novel from Volume 4.

The first cour of 86 covered just the first volume of the light novel. The second 12-episode cour adapted Volumes 2 and 3.


Overall, fans consider the anime to be a phenomenal adaptation, despite the issues faced during production. Therefore, most of the important plot points are actually covered by the anime.

Of course, as is the case with most adaptations, some elements had to be simplified or omitted to make the story more concise for the screen.

This means you have nothing to lose by starting at the beginning if you are able to.

Where to Start Reading the 86 Manga After the Anime

Where to Start Reading 86 Manga After the Anime
Credit: A-1 Pictures

The light novel of 86 has a manga adaptation, also by Asato Asato, the light novel creator. It's recommended that you start from the beginning.

Because the manga only counts three volumes, which translates to no more than 17 chapters, there is really no point in skipping any.

The 86 manga is itself an adaptation, so it doesn't feature significantly more content compared to the light novel.

If you would like to delve more deeply into 86's dystopian world, the light novel series is your go-to. Most volumes are now available in English as well.

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