86: Eighty-Six Manga Canceled After Three Volumes

86 eighty-six manga canceled Lena

86 eighty-six manga canceled Lena

It has only been three years since the start of its run, but sadly, the 86: Eighty-Six manga has been canceled. The series’ cancelation was announced recently by publisher Square Enix.

The 86: Eighty-Six manga’s cancelation is not due to lack of popularity. In fact, the series is a popular one in Square Enix’s lineup. Instead, the manga was canceled due to health concerns of the artist, Motoki Yoshihara.

The 86 manga is canceled effective this week, and it means that its run ends at just three volumes. Currently, there is no information on a possible return for the manga.

While the manga will stay incomplete, the 86 light novel will continue. For manga readers, this is at least good consolation as the story will continue, albeit in its original novel form.

The 86: Eighty-Six manga was serialized in Young Ganga from February 2018 to July 2022. In North America, the manga was published by Yen Press

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Credit: Yen Press, Dengeki Bunko
86: Eighty-Six Volume 1

86: Eighty-Six began as a light novel series by Asato Asato. The ongoing light novel series is published in Japan by Dengeki Bunko and in North America by Yen Press.

For its story, the series is set in the Republic of San Magnolia, a country that has long been besieged by its neighbor, the Empire of Giad which employs drones call the Legion against them. After years, the Republic has finally developed unmanned drones of its own.

The Republic claims that these drones have effectively stopped all casualties in the war on their side. But what the people don’t know is that in the Eighty-Sixth Sector, young men and women are secretly forced to pilot these supposedly unmanned weapons into battle.

In April 2021, the first season of the 86: Eighty-Six anime series premiered with 2 cours. Animated by A-1 Pictures, the anime ran for 23 episodes, with the season finale airing on March 19, 2022.

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