Lee Seung Gi Case: Hook Entertainment CEO To Give Actor/Singer Unpaid Earnings Using Her Own Money

Credit: 1THEK/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: 1THEK/YouTube Screenshot

Lee Seung Gi will soon get his music earnings from Hook Entertainment's CEO Kwon Jin Young.

For 18 years, Lee Seung Gi released 27 albums and gifted them to his fans. But the singer recently filed a complaint against Hook Entertainment over the non-release of the pay since he debuted.

After suffering condemnation, the agency's CEO assured the actor and the public that she would settle everything using her own money.

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Hook Entertainment CEO Apologizes To Lee Seung Gi

Hook Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin Young penned an apology letter and released it on November 30, saying she would take full responsibility for the unpaid music earnings. She pledged to settle other disputes involving Lee Seung Gi, as well.

She also apologized to the company and employees who have been affected by the recent issue.

"I'd like to bow my head to express my sincere apology. In addition, I will lower myself to take full responsibility in the dispute with Lee Seung Gi. I will not avoid taking the responsible actions necessary, and I will take responsibility using my personal assets," the CEO continued, as quoted by YTN.

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Her statement was released after Hook Entertainment dismissed the reports about the unpaid music earnings. It reportedly started the process of organizing the record but still insisted that the actor/singer's profits and earnings were given to him already.

The company mentioned that both parties signed a mutual agreement last year.

Lee Seung Gi released 27 albums and 137 songs throughout his career as a singer.

Hook Entertainment's CEO Used Company's Card on Lavish Spendings

Dispatch dropped the bomb on November 30, releasing reports that show Kwon Jin Young's reckless use of the company card.

From January 2016 to July 2017, the CEO spent over $2 million on personal travels, purchases of branded goods, games, dining in high-class restaurants, and more. She reportedly registered her younger sibling as a fake employee in order to receive $300,000 aside from her yearly salary of nearly $2 million.

It turned out that her mother also used the card and spent the company's funds.

Fans were left infuriated upon knowing the setup as they also found out that Kwon Jin Young forced Lee Seung Gi to use his own card to buy himself food.

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