Lee Se Young Wows Crowd With Clever Acceptance Speech At 2021 Drama Awards

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Lee Se Young made the 2021 MBC Drama Awards more memorable with her speech.

On Thursday, the 2021 MBC Drama Awards welcomed stars and honored the dramas that successfully established their empire this 2021. Among the categories were Drama of the Year, Tom Excellence Award for Mini-Series and Daily Drama, Excellence Award for Mini-Series and Daily Drama, and Best Couple, among others.


The Red Sleeve viewers got shocked after the show itself and its main stars, Lee Se Young, brought home several awards from the show. But apart from the recognitions, the actress also got everyone's attention during her acceptance speech.

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Lee Se Young Shows Unique Side During 2021 MBC Drama Awards Acceptance Speech


Lee Se Young won the Best Actress Award and Best Couple with 2PM Junho. During her speech, Lee Se Young surprised the crowd by holding her Smartphone up and using an app to display the names of all the people she wanted to express her gratitude to.

She then held it up high throughout the speech, leaving the viewers and fans in awe for her effective planning ahead of the event. The actress still held her smartphone app during Junho's acceptance speech.

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Following the rare event, fans applauded her for thanking all her supporters in the most unique way, saying that it was unprecedented that she scored the award.


Her milestone came after her show, The Red Sleeve, successfully stayed on the No. 1 spot on Good Data Corporation's weekly list of dramas that caused a massive buzz. Both Lee Se Young and Junho also got the No. 1 and 2 spots in the list of most buzzworthy drama cast members.

Lee Junho Also Makes Fans Cry!

Even Lee Se Young's co-star had the best way to thank all his fans that he made them end up in tears.


Before starting his acting career, Lee Junho debuted in the JYP boy group 2PM. During his acceptance speech, he made everyone cry after introducing himself by saying, "Hello, I am 2PM's Junho."

"Of course, I am not saying I deserve this 'best actor' award but I think this was a joyful time in which I was able to comfort myself and tell myself 'you've really worked diligently until now,'" he said.

In the latest news, his co-member Chansung recently announced his marriage plans but still pledged to continue performing with 2PM.

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