Lee Min Jung Wants to Do This Project With Industry Best Friends Son Ye Jin, Gong Hyo Jin

Credit: tvN D ENT/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: tvN D ENT/YouTube Screenshot

If Lee Min Jung had her way, she would have wanted to do a project with her industry best friends, Son Ye Jin and Gong Hyo Jin.

Aside from the two actresses, the Once Again star has also maintained close friendship with Uhm Ji Won, Lee Jung Hyun, and Oh Yoon Ah. So, what kind of a project Lee Min Jung wants to do with them.

Lee Min Jung’s Dream Project with Her Friends

In an interview with Herald POP, via AllKpop, the 40-year-old wanted to do a travel variety show with her best friends.

"When Son Ye Jin, Gong Hyo Jin, Uhm Ji Won, Lee Jung Hyun, Oh Yoon Ah, and I went on a trip together, we talked about how it would be fun to film our trip for three days,” she said.

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"We are all human too, and we each have our own personalities, so It would be good to do a project together,” she continued. “Of course, there hasn't been anything confirmed yet."

Lee Min Jung Talks About Husband, Lee Byung Hun

Elsewhere, in her first-ever appearance on Radio Star, Lee Min Jung revealed what it was like being married to the great actor Lee Byung Hun.

Considering the two have a 12-year age gap, she confessed that she sometimes feel the age difference between them.

"He still doesn't have a clear idea of apps,” the actress revealed.

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"There was a time I had to film near the countryside, and I sent delivery food to our home. And he was amazed and asked, 'Is that possible?'” she continued. “I also used an app to send him a taxi in Korea while I was in the United States, and he was really shocked by that too."

The show’s hosts were surprised by the revelation, but Lee Min Jung made everyone laugh when she compared their respective generations.

"Well, my generation is used to playing with Nintendos, but his generation didn't have any Gameboys or anything,” she quipped. “His generation, they used to really catch frogs and play."

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Kwon Sang Woo, who was also on the show, chimed in and said, "I used to play like that too."

Meanwhile, Lee Jung Min returns to the big screen in Switch after 10 years. The film follows the story of a top star enjoying his life when one fateful event changes everything on Christmas Eve.

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