Lee Min Jung Makes Major Revelation About Her, Lee Byung Hun’s Marriage Due to Their Age Gap

Credit: KOCOWA TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: KOCOWA TV/YouTube Screenshot

Lee Min Jung graced MBC’s talk show Radio Star and revealed one major thing about her and Lee Byung Hun’s marriage.

Lee Min Jung appeared in the show as one of the guest stars, along with Kwon Sang Woo, Kim Nam Hee, and Yoo Seon Ho, for the first time and talked about her life after being married to Lee Byung Hun for about a decade.

Lee Min Jung, Lee Byung Hun’s Marriage

The couple tied the knot in 2013. There’s a 12-year age gap between the two, and being together under one roof for 10 years makes the actress feel the difference.

At 52, the Once Again star revealed that her husband still had no idea about apps.

"There was a time I had to film near the countryside, and I sent delivery food to our home,” she said via AllKpop. “And he was amazed and asked, 'Is that possible?'

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It wasn’t the first time that Lee Min Jung surprised Lee Byung Hun with what an app could do these days.

“I also used an app to send him a taxi in Korea while I was in the United States and he was really shocked by that too,” she continued.

The Radio Star hosts couldn’t help but be surprised knowing that the legendary actor wasn’t aware of the ride-hailing app.

Hence, Lee Min Jung gave them an explanation that made everyone laugh.

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"Well, my generation is used to playing with Nintendos but his generation didn't have any Gameboys, or anything,” she stated. “His generation, they used to really catch frogs and play."

"I used to play like that too,” Kwon Sang Woo chimed in, resulting in another hilarious laughter among them.

Lee Min Jung’s Latest Movie, Switch

Meanwhile, Lee Min Jung returns to the big screen with the rom-com movie Switch with Kwan Sang Woo and Oh Jung Se.

The 40-year-old plays the role of Soo Hyun, a wife who has to financially support her husband, Park Kang (Kwon Sang Woo), after his life turns upside down following meeting a taxi driver, Joo Yoon (Oh Jung Se), on Christmas Day.

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“I think I’m 80 percent like Soo Hyun, but I’m sure that Soo Hyun is nicer as she does part time jobs to support her husband,” she told Korea Herald.

When asked why it took her so long before she returned to the screen, she said she wanted to do a film that would leave a “long-lasting, heartwarming message.”

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