Lee Jung Jae Feels Grateful After Working With Jung Ho Yeon in Squid Game: Actor Reveals Reason Why

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Credit: VANITY FAIR/YouTube Screenshot

Lee Jung Jae expressed how lucky and grateful he feels to work with Jung Ho Yeon in Squid Game.

The hit Netflix series became a gamechanger in the cast members’ lives and careers as it became an instant hit. The Squid Game team and creator also ensured to bring a unique show to the viewers by combining veteran and rising stars in the drama.

In the series, Lee Jung Jae played the role of Seong Gi Hyn, a divorced gambling addict. Meanwhile, Jung Ho Yeon played Kang Sae Byeok’s character and made an impressive TV debut through the series.

Now, in a new interview, veteran star Lee Jung Jae showed Jung Ho Yeon with compliments as he reportedly learned a lot of things from her despite being a newbie in the industry.

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Lee Jung Jae Says He’s Thankful To Work With Jung Ho Yeon

In a new video shared by Vanity Fair’s YouTube Channel, Lee Jung Jae, Jung Ho Yeon, and Park Hae Soo all shared their acting experiences and how Squid Game brought lessons to their lives.

The news outlet asked them to name a co-star they learned the most from. Lee Jung Jae immediately chose Jung Ho Yeon, although it was the actress’s first TV series.

Per the actor, the model-turned-actress became an inspiration as she reminded him of the 30 years of experience he has in the industry.

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“There’s a certain energy you can feel from a performer who hasn’t been acting for very long. It’s a very strong and free energy. Observing that through Ho Yeon reminded me that I too had that energy once,” he explained.

He picked the best co-star, as Jung Ho Yeon herself told Vanity Fair that she gave her all to perfectly act in the series.

Lee Jung Jae Expands His Career

Aside from becoming a better actor through Squid Game, it also gave him a hint that he could do another thing in his career – directing.

Lee Jung Jae recently presented his directorial debut film, “Hunt,” to the Cannes Film Festival, in which he wrote, directed, produced, and starred.

He revealed that his three-decade career helped to step behind the camera lens. As he began his journey as a director, Lee Jung Jae expressed his excitement to meet international audiences and fans more frequently soon.

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