Lee Joon Gi Compares Himself To Again My Life Character in New Interview

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Credit: SBS CATCH/YouTube Screenshot

Lee Joon Gi learned more about his character, Kim Hee Woo, in Again My Life that he can now compare himself to his role.

Before Again My Life aired, Lee Joon Gi already shared what people should expect from his character, Kim Hee Woo. He and the K-drama’s cast members even recorded a video of them talking about the drama from their characters’ perspectives.

For the Lawless Lawyer star, he hinted that his character experiences time travel in the drama. He also spoke about how first worked a part-time job at a convenience store before becoming a prosecutor at the Central Prosecutor’s Office.

Aside from the character’s basic information, Lee Joon Gi recently revealed Kim Hee Woo’s attitude and how he is similar to him.

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Lee Joon Gi Says He, Kim Hee Woo Are Alike

Lee Joon Gi and his co-star, Kim Ji Eun, recently sat for a pictorial and interview with Singles magazine, where they talked about their K-drama.

The actor’s character Kim Hee Woo was unjustly killed while investigating a corrupt politician. He eventually gets a second chance and manages to live again 15 years before the accident.

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According to Lee Joon Gi, he and his character have a lot of things in common. The actor particularly pointed out that he has the same disposition as Kim Hee Woo.

“I’m really similar to Kim Hee Woo in terms of our core disposition and character, even the way we enjoy getting physical. Maybe that’s why, but I felt a mental connection [to the character] from early on,” he said.

His co-star, Kim Ji Eun, seemingly felt the same as she fell in love with her character and the drama itself. The actress revealed that Again My Life focuses on the growth of the characters within the fantasy action genre.

She then shares how she thinks it allows the story to share a greater sense of hope with the viewers.

Lee Joon Gi Shares Plan in Future As An Actor

Lee Joon Gi already proved his worth as an actor that he already appeared in several movies and series, making him one of the top Hallyu stars.

After scoring his role in Again My Life, he revealed his plans in his career and what he would do to continue his legacy.

“My heroes are the veteran actors who are able to work in good health for a long time. I think I need to keep a clear mind and maintain my values while looking back on the many years they’ve spent [in the industry],” he said.

Again My Life premiered on April 8, and it will continue to run until May 28.

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