Hello Venus Shock: Ex-Member Yeoreum To Marry Former Manager

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Credit: fantagio/YouTube Screenshot

Hello Venus former member Yeoreum is ready to begin a new phase in her life.

Before Yeoreum debuted, Hello Venus already started their career in 2012 with its original members Alice, Nara, Yoonjo, Yooyoung, Yooara, and Lime. When Fantagio and Pledis Entertainment ended their Tricell Media collaboration, Fantagio decided to add two new members after Yooara and Yoonjo decided to be part of Pledis.

From there, Yeoreum and the member of Hello Venus released hit songs until they officially disbanded in 2019.

For this year, Yeoreum has a plan in her life aside from expanding her career as a K-pop idol.

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Hello Venus Former Member Yeoreum Announces Upcoming Marriage

Multiple Korean media outlets (via AllKpop) confirmed that Yeoreum, whose stage name is Yoo Na Gyeol, plans to marry her fiancé on May 29.

It has been confirmed that her soon-to-be husband was her former manager, and they met before he left the entertainment industry.

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Yeoreum will be the second Hello Venus member to get married, following Lime last month. During Lime’s wedding ceremony, Yeoreum caught her bouquet.

Although she will be out of the spotlight for a moment, she pledged to return to the spotlight as an actress after her wedding.

Yeoreum Stays in Fantagio After Hello Venus’ Disbandment

Yeoreum is expected to be part of several dramas once she comes back. She is one of the four former members of Hello Venus who renewed contracts with Fantagio in 2019.

Seoyoung, Yooyoung, and Lime followed her footsteps and extended their partnerships with their agency. Meanwhile, Nara and Alice chose to leave Fantagio.

Yeoreum will start promoting under her stage name, Yoo Na Gyeol.

Fantagio confirmed the development in a statement, saying:

“The most important factor when renewing our contracts with Chae Joo Hwa (Lime) and Lee Hwa Gyeom (Yooyoung) was our trust in one another. We’re very happy to be with Lee Hwa Gyeom, Chae Joo Hwa, Lee Seo Young (Seoyoung), and Yoo Na Gyeol (Yeoreum). We’ll give our full support and continue to nurture the individual strengths of Chae Joo Hwa, Lee Hwa Gyeom, Lee Seo Young, and Yoo Na Gyeol so that they can promote in various ways.”

It remains unknown what projects would feature Yeoreum soon, but fans have since expressed their excitement to see her transformation.

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