Lee Hak Joo Reveals Truth About His Height After Looking Taller In Dramas

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Credit: MBC/YouTube Screenshot

Lee Hak Joo continues to gain more attention after joining My Name.

Since 2012, Lee Hak Joo has left his fans in awe with his charisma in different series and movies he starred in.

He first appeared in several short films, including Sweet Sorrow, I Know You, and 12th Assistant Deacon. After those gigs, the actor continuously became part of more flicks that honed his capabilities as an artist.

He got more attention after joining The World of the Married and the Netflix series. However, his height seemingly became the subject of more talks in the past months.

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How Tall Is Lee Hak Joo?

Lee Hak Joo always sports different suits in the Netflix drama as he plays the role of the right-hand henchman of the powerful criminal organization's head.

Most viewers bombarded him with questions about his height, and he finally addressed it in the latest episode of Omniscient Interfering View.

During episode 5 of the show, he joined the MCs of the show while wearing a three-piece suit. As usual, the crowd showered him with compliments because of his visuals.

However, people were also left shocked since Lee Hak Joo clarified his real height, which was far from what the viewers thought.

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Initially, the MCs said that the actor might be around 180 cm tall after Lee Young Ja praised his height. But then MC Jun Hyun Moo said Lee Hak Joo is not as tall as he seems to be before comparing his height to the actor's.

Jun Hyun Moo reportedly stands 173.5 cm. When he and the actor stood side by side, the viewers saw that Lee Hak Joo was not really that taller than the show's MC. The only difference is that he has longer legs than the show's presenter.

Lee Hak Joo Suffers From People's Curses When He Plays Villain

While his height earned enough attention, all his villainous roles also got the fair share of the spotlight – but in a negative way.

Last month, he appeared on KBS's Problem Child in House where he reflected on the effects of playing several flicks' antagonist characters. Per Lee Hak Joo, he always gets cursed out whenever he plays a villainous role.

"At first, it didn't feel good, because being cursed out is being cursed out. There were a lot of comments like, 'I hate seeing him,' and 'He gives me a bad impression.' It was the first time I'd heard that I gave off a bad impression in my whole life," he said.

But with the hate comments he receives because of his character, it gives him credits since it only means that he acts so well people always think the series is real.


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