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Happiness Drops New Stills Ahead Hit Series' Last Episodes

Credit: tvN DRAMA/YouTube Screenshot

Happiness will soon cause sadness among its viewers by saying goodbye for good.

tvN changed the K-drama fans' tastes again when it released the thriller and action series, Happiness. Many viewers tuned in as the arrival of the flick happened just in time when the COVID-19's Omicron variant was detected.

Since November, Happiness has been telling the stories of the locals inside a high-rise apartment building who are trapped because of a new infectious disease. The series features Han Hyo Joo and Park Hyung Sik as they play the roles of Yoon Sae Bom and Jung Yi Hyun.

With just two episodes left, the creators of the hit series unveiled what fans should expect before its scheduled ending.

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Happiness Saying Goodbye To Viewers Soon

Happiness' producers teased the series' viewers before the release of the last two episodes. They released the official stills from the set and showed the serious and playful sides of the actors.

Although the series itself is full of twists and turns, everyone on the set also brightens up others by flashing their smiles when they are on break.

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"[In this week's episodes,] there will be an unexpected variable that adds to the chaos and confusion caused by the infectious disease. Please stay tuned to find out whether Yoon Sae Bom, Jung Yi Hyun, and Han Tae Suk will be able to survive and recover the happiness of their everyday lives. There will be unpredictable twists up until the very end," the official teaser said.

Happiness releases new episodes every Friday and Saturday. It will drop its last two episodes on December 10 and 11.

Happiness' Ratings So Far

Before the series ends, Happiness truly established a praiseworthy empire in the Korean TV industry.

When it arrived on November 5, the series immediately made promising viewership ratings. Nielsen Korea revealed that its first episode garnered a 3.3 percent nationwide rating and a 4.1 percent rating in Seoul.

So far, its December 3 episode secures first place with a 3.7 percent nationwide rating and 4.3 percent in the capital city.

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