Exploring Konoha’s Time Travel Dilemma in 16bit Sensation: Another Layer

Exploring Konoha’s Time Travel Dilemma in 16bit Sensation: Another Layer
Credit: Studio Gokumi

Exploring Konoha’s Time Travel Dilemma in 16bit Sensation: Another Layer
Credit: Studio Gokumi

16bit Sensation: Another Layer is an educational but cute anime about a bright young girl named Konoha Akisato who wants to create her very first full-priced bishojo game. She travels back in time thanks to an old lady, but does Konoha return to 2023 in 16bit Sensation: Another Layer?

Time travel has always been an interesting theme in anime shows. It is a recurring theme in Tokyo Revengers and, most recently, Tearmoon Empire, which makes use of time travel as a central element in telling the protagonist’s story.

In this article, we’ve explored Konoha Akisato’s time travel dilemma in 16bit Sensation: Another Layer.

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How Does Time Travel Work in 16bit Sensation: Another Layer?

In a sudden twist of events, Konoha Akisato’s love for bishojo games allowed her to time travel in 16bit Sensation: Another Layer.

Her fondness and pure interest in these games touched the heart of an old lady who gave her a parting gift full of bishojo games, and whenever she opens one of them, she time travels to the 90s.

In the succeeding episodes of the anime, we find out that Konoha can travel back in time by opening a certain bishojo game among the old lady’s parting gifts.

She travels back to the year the game was created, but she can’t go back if she opens an ordinary game purchased from ordinary stores.

Konoha Akisato is a petite woman with big dreams. She plans to become a super popular artist who can bring adorable and cheerful heroines to life by making a full-priced bishojo game.

To do this, Konoha started working on a 2-bit game company called Blue Bell, only to find out that the company could never make a full-priced bishojo game due to the decline in interest and the industry’s situation.

Her life hit rock bottom as she became a poor and lowly sub-illustrator in charge of coloring small layers of male characters.

Worse, her boss wants her to work on a new game called Welcome! MILF Hypnosis Salon, which will only be priced at 4,500 yen!

No one at work listens to Konoha’s thoughts, feelings, and suggestions, despite arguing that games should be fun and can fill everyone with excitement.

She also stands by her belief that games should dare to dream, or else it will not be a game at all.

Does Konoha Akisato Return to 2023?

Does Konoha Akisato Return to 2023?
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Credit: Studio Gokumi

Yes, Konoha Akisato manages to return to 2023 every time she stumbles on the floor; at least that’s the impression the anime tries to give to the viewers. Whenever Konoha falls on the floor of Alcohol Soft, she returns to 2023.

In Episode 5 of the anime, Konoha believes that she can travel back to 2023 by opening her tablet or opening a package that is related to the year 2023.

However, Konoha can’t go back immediately to the 90s since she has to consider the release dates of the bishojo games the old lady gave her.

This situation significantly affected Konoha’s relationship with Mamoru, Alcohol Soft’s brilliant programmer, who seems to hold romantic feelings for her.

He can’t understand Konoha’s situation, and he feels lonely and left in the air whenever Konoha disappears.

Konoha Akisato’s Time Traveling Record So Far

It all began in 2023 when Konoha discovered an old and ragged game shop called BiBi in a mysterious alleyway. The store offers a lot of used games but not very exciting selections.

The shop also offers their games for a cheap price of as low as 100 yen for iconic bishojo games like Kanon, ComiPa, Rance, and more.

Due to Konoha’s undying passion for bishojo games, the old lady who was attending the store gave her a parting gift full of these bishojo games for free.

She opens one of them in a donut store, and lo and behold, she travels back to December 17, 1992, when the bishojo game Doukyuusei was first released.

Then, Konoha returns to 2023 after finishing the Sunny with a Chance of Vacation bishojo game at Alchohol Soft.

She time travels to 1996, four years after her first journey, on the date the Kizuato game came out.

Most recently, Konoha time travels again to June 4, 1999, after realizing that a lot of her bishojo games have been missing. This time around, will Konoha be able to return to 2023?

Nonetheless, Konoha wants to stay with Mamoru and the rest of her fellow workers at Alcohol Soft rather than working in BiBi with those non-dreamer game artists.

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