How Does Komi Can’t Communicate Tackle Social Anxiety?

Komi Can’t Communicate follows Shouko Komi who is the most popular girl in Itan Private High School. Everyone was mesmerized by her beauty and grace to the point that they couldn’t approach her at all. One student who seemed to be brave enough to talk to her is Hitohito Tadano, an average-looking guy who happens to sit next to her.

He also discovered her biggest secret: she has severe issues when it comes to communicating with people. Her situation was described in the series as social anxiety. The anime explains it as a situation in which the person has trouble communicating and forming bonds with other people. How does the series tackle this issue?

How Does Komi Can’t Communicate Tackle Social Anxiety?

How Does Komi Can’t Communicate Tackle Social Anxiety?
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How Does Komi Can’t Communicate Tackle Social Anxiety?

In episode one, it was shown that Komi is a very quiet, calm, and collected student. She starts to freeze whenever she is the center of attention, which happens all the time as her classmates (and other schoolmates) are so amazed by her beauty. Everyone stares at her and sometimes would even record her doing trivial matters like writing in her notebook.

When someone starts to talk to her, she would stop and not move for a while. This also happened when her teacher asked her to recite. With her initial reaction, which is paralyzing anxiety, Komi cannot find a way to speak to others. Eventually, Tadano discovered a way to communicate with her which is through written communication.

Through their small chat, the viewers were able to understand that Komi is burdened by cultural pressure in which she needs to connect to others while being the most beautiful and popular girl in school. It suggests that she needs to please others to keep her popularity otherwise she would be bullied by her classmates.

Not only Komi suffers anxiety but also Tadano. He was introduced as someone who is self-conscious with desperation to fit in. He actually plans to be unnoticed in his first year but things changed when Komi became his seatmate. His anxiety increases as he realizes that he needs to work hard to continue studying at the elite school.

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