Prince Harry Shock: Meghan Markle’s Husband Altruistic and at His Happiest When Helping Other People Just Like Princess Diana, Body Language Expert Claims

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Credit: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert/YouTube Screenshot
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Prince Harry found himself in a slew of criticisms in the past couple of weeks since the release of Spare. But body language expert Darren Stanton opted to focus on the Duke of Sussex’s positive traits and even likened him to his late mother, Princess Diana.

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Prince Harry Reportedly At His Happiest When Helping Other People Just Like Princess Diana

During a recent interview, Stanton said that Prince Harry is at his happiest when he’s helping other people and this was exactly how Princess Diana was. This is also the reason why the Duke of Sussex is always elated when he’s involved with charity work, particularly the WellChild Awards.


“There are many facets to Prince Harry’s character when speaking about charity work. While discussing projects like this or attending events, he is always his most relaxed and natural. During the video, Harry demonstrated the open-palm gesture. Although we can’t see his hands in the shot, it’s clear from the position of his arms that his hands are open. He doesn’t appear anxious or nervous when speaking to the camera. Instead, he comes across as completely confident and self-assured in what he’s saying. From his facial gestures, it’s clear that Harry was speaking from the heart, and he is deeply passionate about what he’s saying,” he said (via Cheat Sheet).

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Princess Diana’s Quality Of Being Altruistic Rubbed Off On Prince Harry?


And just like Princess Diana, Prince Harry also has a paternal approach which emulates his late mother, who has a very maternal approach to things.

“He is at his happiest when helping people. This is a quality Diana was well known for, which has clearly rubbed off on her son. In terms of body language, the pair also have a lot of similar gestures and mannerisms. In psychology, we would refer to Harry as an altruistic individual, which means he is selfless, like Princess Diana,” Stanton said.

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Prince Harry Appeared In A Video Call For Nominations For The WellChild Awards

Talking about his video appearance for the WellChild Awards, the body language expert said that Prince Harry gave a good piece to the camera about a topic that he is passionate about.


“He also showed genuine happiness, which was signified by the crows’ feet at the side of his eyes,” he concluded.

Prince Harry serves as the patron of the WellChild Awards and he recently appeared in a video to encourage nominees to take part in the prestigious ceremony in association with GSK. The closing date for accepting entries is on March 20.

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