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King Charles Made 'Highly Unusual' Visits To Queen Elizabeth Before She Died? Camilla's Husband Gets New Title After His Mom's Death


King Charles had been seen making daily visits to the palace after Queen Elizabeth sparked concerns over her health prior to her demise, a new report claimed.

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Sources told New Idea, in its latest edition, that King Charles visited his dear mother on a daily basis since reports about her declining health spread like wildfire. Some palace insiders suggested that the frequency of Prince Charles’ presence at Balmoral is “highly unusual.”

An unnamed insider told the entertainment news outlet:

“Charles and his parents were never particularly close when he was a kid. In fact, there was quite a lot of friction there. But, as he got older, he became closer to the Queen and Duke of Edinburg. Few will forget how emotional he was when visiting the Duke in his twilight months, and it’s fair to say it’s even more sad for him to be with his mum while she’s in pain.”

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Most, if not all, royal followers are aware that King Charles was in Balmoral with the late Queen Elizabeth, facing the tragic fact that the loss of his beloved mother would bring about the most significant change of his life – finally becoming the King.

King Charles, formerly known as Prince Charles, was heir apparent for seven decades — by far the longest delay in the history of the British monarchy. Neither he nor his courtiers have ever desired to discuss the moment it ends in public. The thought of Queen Elizabeth's death has long been seen as a source of profound personal sorrow.

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A former aide revealed on Thursday:

“He never wanted to think about accession because it meant the death of his mother.”

With the Queen Elizabeth’s physicians expressing worry about her health and her other children and grandchildren hurrying to be with her, the position of heir that has defined King Charles's existence since he was three years old, when his mother ascended the throne in 1952, looked to be approaching.

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Another former aide said:

“He will be focused on the personal and the family, but for the palaces, it will be a question of [choosing] the right things to say and do that lead the nation in mourning but also establish the first steps of the new reign.”

They noted that King Charles' strong emotional capacity with the bereaved people, which they predicted would serve him and the country well during any moment of sadness.

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