Kim Sae Ron Under Investigation: Hi! School - Love On Actress Involved in DUI

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Credit: JTBC ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

Actress Kim Sae Ron put her career in trouble following a recent road incident.

Kim Sae Ron gave her fans good news after the actress officially joined the cast of the SBS drama, Trolley. Her agency, Gold Medalist, confirmed that she would be playing the role of Kim Soo Bin in the mystery drama.

But she just jeopardized the future of the K-drama now that she is being investigated for potential DUI charges.

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Kim Sae Ron Under Investigation

South Korean media outlets, including Yonhap and Asia Kyungjae, revealed that the actress was caught drunk driving.

Police initially received six to seven reports about a car swerving on the road. When they responded to the scene, the authorities discovered that the vehicle had already crashed multiple roadside structures thrice at Cheongdam-dong's Hakdong intersection.

The driver also attempted to escape from the scene, but the police managed to stop the vehicle and identified the driver as Kim Sae Ron.

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She was asked for a breathalyzer test to determine whether she drove under the influence. However, the actress refused to do so and told them she would undergo a blood test instead in a hospital.

“The report from the citizen stated that she hit the guardrails several times. The driver wants to conduct a blood alcohol test, so we will confirm the exact charges after the test results are out,” a police official said, per Star News.

Kim Sae Ron’s Agency Starts Own Investigation

Following the emergence of the news, the actress’ agency, Gold Medalist, issued a statement saying that it had begun looking into the reports.

“We are currently looking into the reports that Kim Sae Ron is being investigated for violating the Road Traffic Act (DUI). We will convey our position as soon as we have confirmed the news,” the company disclosed.

The actress is yet to release a personal statement regarding the matter. It also remains unknown whether it would affect her appearance in the upcoming drama, Trolley.


Kim Sae Ron, before the incident, was tapped to appear in the drama to play the role of Kim Soo Bin. She is scheduled to work with Kim Mu Yeol, Park Hee Soon, and Kim Hyun Joo.

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