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Kim Jong Kook Shock: Running Man Star Reveals Why He Cannot Get Married

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Kim Jong Kook spoke about being single for a long time and the reason he cannot get married.

For years, Kim Jong Kook established himself to become a renowned entertainer and singer. Following his debut in the famous duo, Turbo, he went on to become a soloist and actor.

He also helmed several shows, appearing in variety programs like X-Man, Family Outing, and Running Man.

While he is lucky in his career, he is seemingly yet to find his true love due to one problem.

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Kim Jong Kook Talks About Why He Remains Single

During the May 15 episode of the SBS TV show My Little Old Boy (via SBS News), the 46-year-old star shared his thoughts on the reason why he cannot get married.

He discussed his love life during the afterparty of Park Koon and Han Young’s wedding.

Kim Jong Min suggested that Kim Jong Kook remains single because he loves working out too much. He said he seemingly likes to go to gyms more than his girlfriend.

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The Running Man star somewhat agreed, saying, "In the past, I used to think, 'What's the issue? It's not like I go out to drink all the time. It's working out!' But my thought has changed on that this year. He continued, "The problem is me, indeed. I'm the reason why I'm still single. When I think about it, it can be a problem. I definitely do spend too much time working out. This is my biggest problem."

Indeed, Kim Jong Kook has been committing himself to working out in the past years. He also constantly talks about the importance of his health after suffering from terrible back pain when he was in high school.

Kim Jong Kook Also Has Personality Problem

Aside from being busy working on himself, Kim Jong Min added a new reason why Kim Jong Kook cannot get married.

The 2 Days and 1 Night star said that he always gives too many lectures, something Kim Jun Ho agreed on.

"That's so true. The last time when I went to visit him, I opened his fridge. Only about 10 seconds had passed, Jong-kook was like, 'Don't leave it open for that long!'" Kim Jun Ho quipped.

Kim Jong Kook defended himself and told Kim Jun Ho that no one can leave the fridge for that long. Still, he clarified that he would never say it to his wife.

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