Brave Girls Yujeong Suffers Disturbing Death Threats, Hate Comments Because of This

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Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Brave Girls lived up to their name as Yujeong and the other members faced heartbreaking and worrying comments from people.

Following their debut in 2011, Brave Girls gifted their fans with several Eps and singles. But their journey has not been an easy one as they witnessed their members come and go.

Aside from losing their members and facing an almost-disbandment moment, Yujeong revealed that she and Brave Girls also received alarming messages due to their weight.

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Brave Girls Yujeong Reveals People Threatened To Kill Girl Group Members

During the May 14 episode of Diet on KBS, the K-pop star spoke candidly about the hate comments she received.

She took her time to recall the time when Brave Girls did not have a lot of fans. Yujeong noted that they found it hard to gain the public’s attention, leading them to think about breaking up.

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However, their 2017 song Rollin’ suddenly became a hit, giving them an opportunity to promote the group once again.

Amid their growing popularity, the girl group suffered from hate comments that people left under their photos and videos.

We honestly weren't ready, especially because we were chubby since there was no need to be skinny. But a great number of people called us fat at that time. They said we were Pig Girls,” she said, as quoted by SBS News. “The Brave Girls member went on, "We even received a message, threatening to kill us. The plans were very specific. We felt really scared, so we told our company head about it."

Brave Girls Hired Security Guards Amid Safety Issues

Soon after seeing the death threats, they reportedly had security guards to protect them anywhere they went.

Unfortunately, it stirred another criticism as people who hate them questioned them, asking them whether the group had become that big to have those security staff with them.

Yujeong did not reveal whether they still receive such hate comments and death threats, but fans are now asking people not to harm the girl group.


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