Kim Sae Ron Controversy: Actress’ Legal Rep Confirms She’s Working Part Time Despite Café’s Denial

Credit: iQIYI K-Drama/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: iQIYI K-Drama/YouTube Screenshot

Kim Sae Ron is now caught in a series of controversies after getting into a traffic accident last year. The 22-year-old faces DUI charges and seemingly lost people’s support after allegedly making stories to gain sympathy.

Kim Sae Ron posted photos of her working at a franchise café, reportedly experiencing financial difficulties. However, the café itself refused the claim, saying the actress has never worked in any of its branches. Now, the public is doubting the A Brand New Life star’s words.

The Public Now Doubts Kim Sae Ron

After posting her alleged working photo and starting her first trial, the public began to doubt The Man From Nowhere star.

Despite claiming she’s now experiencing financial difficulties, she still manages to tap one of Korea's top and most expensive law firms as her counsel.

However, her legal rep comes to her rescue, admitting she currently has monetary problems.

In an interview with Star News, via AllKpop, on Tuesday, March 14, DR & AJU Law Group attorney Min Ki Ho talked about the issues surrounding his client.

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"It is true that Kim Sae Ron is working a part-time job because she is going through financial difficulty,” he said, though he didn’t reveal where she’s working.

"What was said earlier (in the previous reports) was true. It seemed that the fact that she was going through financial difficulty was being seen as false because of her social media photos,” he added. “Right now, her contract with her agency had ended, so I think it would help (that I share)."

He also revealed that the alleged apartment, shown on tvN’s On and Off, wasn’t hers but her agency’s, GOLDMEDALIST.

“I can't reveal any more specifics other than this,” Min Ki Ho continued.

Kim Sae Ron’s Agency Pays for Her Damages in Advance

To clear the questions about Kim Sae Ron hiring the best law firm, the lawyer revealed her agency had paid for the damages in advance.

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"When an incident or accident occurs, the agency is usually responsible to take care of the issue with the individual they have a contract,” he explained. “Therefore, Kim Sae Ron's agency would have to compensate for the damages in advance since Kim Sae Ron does not have money. But I'm not sure."

Kim Sae Ron’s DUI Incident

For starters, Kim Sae Ron got into a traffic accident in May 2022 after crashing into an electric transformer box on the side of the road near Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam.

The police immediately identified the driver when they stopped the vehicle and suspected she was driving under the influence.

But when they requested Kim Sae Ron to take a breathalyzer test, she fused and asked for a blood test at a hospital instead.

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Later, she posted a handwritten apology and revealed to have compensated all the storefronts affected by the broken transformer box. She then went on a hiatus to reflect.

However, just two months after the incident, she held a drinking birthday party, resulting in another controversy.

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