Kim Sae Ron Can’t Be Reached After the Mega Coffee Controversy, Legal Rep Says

Credit: JTBC Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: JTBC Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

Kim Sae Ron’s legal rep Min Ki Ho revealed he couldn’t reach her client to clear the issue of whether she was working part-time at Mega Coffee after the café denied her claim. The actress is now facing several controversies after her first DUI trial, seemingly trying to get the public’s sympathy.

Kim Sae Ron pleaded for clemency after saying she’s her family's primary breadwinner. She then posted photos of her allegedly working at Mega Coffee while wearing its barista uniform. But the company said she had never worked for any of its branches, resulting in a public backlash.

In a statement on Wednesday, March 15, via AllKpop, Min Ki Ho, from the DR & AJU Law Group, revealed he had not gotten in touch with the 22-year-old star since the cafe controversy began.

"It is true that Kim Sae Ron is suffering from financial difficulty. She is in debt after the fine she incurred due to her DUI accident and it is true she is working part-time,” he said.

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"I know she was working at one place before, but I didn't know she was working in multiple places. I speculate that she [is working in multiple places, after seeing the photos of the café],” the attorney added. “I contacted her after seeing the articles to clarify the facts, but I was unable to reach her, so I have not been able to confirm."

That said, Min Ki Ho’s lips were sealed about the fake café part-time photos Kim Sae Ron posted on Instagram.

“What I know for sure is that she is working part-time. She has left the apartment belonging to her previous agency, but I can't confirm if she is living with her family again,” he continued. “She doesn't want any new information being released."

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The former popular child star received a huge backlash after claiming she worked at Mega Coffee. Despite her claim of experiencing financial difficulties, fans also question her ability to hire one of Korea's most expensive law firms to represent her during the DUI trial.

Mega Coffee Releases Statement About Kim Sae Ron’s Alleged Employment

A day after her first DUI trial, Kim Sae Ron posted photos of her working at Mega Coffee. This was seen as a move to appeal to the public’s sympathy and to support her claim she had been working part-time jobs after the car-crash incident.

But instead of winning the people’s support, it resulted in a huge backlash and losing the public’s trust.

"We can confirm Kim Sae Ron never worked as an official part-time employee at any store in the country,” the company’s rep cleared. “The store owner of the location in question has a part-time employee who happens to be a friend of Kim Sae Ron. However, the owner has said Kim Sae Ron has never worked as an employee there."

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That said, fans can’t help but react to the issue in a discussion on The Qoo.

"So, she staged the photos?" one fan asked.

"Man, why did she lie when she was going to get caught so easily?" another questioned.

"She is really digging a deeper hole for herself," a netizen accused.

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