Kim Kardashian Shock: Pete Davidson’s Girlfriend Shares How She Achieved A Slender Physique Weeks After Facing Backlash For Her Weight Loss

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Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous reality TV stars today. She is also a businesswoman who has a huge following. From her clothing brand to her cosmetics line, everything that Kardashian sells gets sold out within minutes. So, it goes without saying that a lot of people look up to her.

As such, Kim Kardashian’s fans are always on the lookout for her beauty and health secrets. After all, some of them also want to achieve the same body as hers. However, the mom of four recently faced backlash for losing 16 pounds just so she could fit into her Met Gala dress.

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Kim Kardashian Swears By A Tightening Treatment To Her Abdomen

But Pete Davidson’s girlfriend also just revealed how she achieved her slender frame. On her Instagram account, she shared a photo of her abdominal area after getting a tightening treatment.

“This is a game changer!!! I did morpheous [SIC} laser to tighten my stomach @drghavami 's spa @gpsaesthetics. It’s painful lol but worth it,” she captioned the photo (via People).

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Kim Kardashian Shares Her Weight Loss Journey Before The Met Gala

Last month, The Kardashians star spoke with Allure to share her thoughts about her Met Gala dress that was previously worn by Marilyn Monroe. Kardashian admitted that when she tried on the dress for the first time, it didn’t fit her.


“It was a roller coaster of emotions. To even find the dress was a feat, and then to get them to allow me to wear the dress was another feat. You have [to wear] gloves and there are guards and you had to put down the special paper. I think [the dresser] was shaking because if anything rips, if anything goes wrong, you know? This is Marilyn's dress. And it absolutely did not fit,” she said.

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Kim Kardashian Faced Backlash For Losing 15 Pounds In 2 Weeks

After two weeks, Kardashian lost 10 pounds, and then she lost an additional five pounds before the Met Gala, and the dress finally fit her.


Kardashian also revealed that she consulted with health experts to make sure that she wasn’t going to put herself at risk. So, she became upset when some people accused her of promoting an unhealthy lifestyle.

“If I was starving and doing it really unhealthy, I would say that, of course, that's not a good message. But I had a nutritionist, I had a trainer. I have never drunk more water in my life. I don't see the criticism for other people when they lost weight for roles—they are [considered] geniuses for their craft. There are so many things out there that are so not accurate and not true,” she explained.

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