Kevin Feige Excited to Explore Expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe

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(via YouTube)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is huge, there's no question about that. And thanks to the introduction of the Sorcerer Supreme, it's about to expand even wider.

We may think that the aliens from Guardians of the Galaxy was the last area that Marvel is tapping—we already have Asgardian gods, a Hulk, a 70's frozen perfect man, and a billionaire with too much time and genius on his hands. Now that Doctor Strange has seen its premiere and will be showcasing in different cinemas all over the globe soon enough, we're getting into the territory of magic.

But instead of getting intimated by it, Marvel's Kevin Feige is all smiles about where the MCU stands now. Speaking at an interview with Marvel, seen above, he discusses just how Doctor Strange will expand this territory.

"Well, you know, what's so amazing is, as you well know about the comics, is there are so many arenas to play with. There are so many characters to play with and every time we introduce a new one to our cinematic universe, that's just another storytelling tool in the toolbox. And of course, Doctor Stephen Strange himself, that power base. But the whole notion of sorcerers now can expand into our movies and the notion of parallel dimensions and alternate realities and the multiverse is something that we're very excited to explore."

Doctor Strange isn't even the last step in the expansion. Recently, Feige also gave an updated about the studios' plans for Brie Larson's Captain Marvel movie. Feige has already hinted that not only will they become the proverbial toolbox, but also that they will each have a story of humanity and flaw that can be overcome.

Doctor Strange will be out in theaters on Oct. 26.

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