Kep1er Yeseo Makeup Looks, Styles And Preferences Explained

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Credit: Kep1er/YouTube Screenshot

Kep1er Yeseo is no longer new to South Korean entertainment. Apart from being a child actress, she also had experiences in the world of K-pop in her younger years.

With her years-long experience, it makes her also not new to cosmetics and other beauty products. But, as to whether she has signature looks or preferred styles in terms of her makeup, this remains unknown.

Unfortunately for fans and followers who are eager to know about the matter, Yeseo has yet to share information about her preferences.

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Kep1er Yeseo Endorses S2ND Products

Kep1er debuted earlier in January 2022. About a month later, K-beauty brand S2ND chose the members, including Yeseo, as its newest endorsement models.

AllKpop reported at the time that the label launched a new line of products in light of the partnership with the rookie K-pop group. The nine idols have since endorsed the brand’s Endluster Tint line, Endrough Covet Line, and Infinity Flatter line.

The products that fall under these lines are eyeshadow, lipstick, and tint. As stated, they are part of S2ND's spring/summer collection.

As ambassadors of the brand, Yeseo and her co-members likely utilize the items from the label, especially the ones they cater to their fans and followers.

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Some Korean Makeup Trends In 2022

There is very little information regarding the Kep1er member’s makeup preferences, both in looks and products. But, there are several K-beauty trends that have been followed by the public, and likely by the WA DA DA singers.

Daily Vanity previously listed some of them, giving its readers some idea about the latest picks and trends in makeup among South Koreans this 2022.

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These include wearing red lips, alongside a fresh-looking foundation base. Apart from using red lipstick, the publication included “deep berry” and “mauve” tones in the list.

Another trend on the list is the so-called “idol lashes,” which Yeseo and the rest of Kep1er have likely utilized in their official engagements and performances.

Watch this space for more Kep1er Yeseo news.


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