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ITZY Chaeryeong Believes Having Roommates Has No Advantages

Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

ITZY Chaeryeong used to have her own room in their shared dorm. But, this seemingly changed when they relocated sometime in mid-2021.

Fans and followers learned that the members of the all-female K-pop act made new changes in their living arrangements. From having a solo room, Chaeryeong became roommates with the group leader, Yeji.

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ITZY Chaeryeong Poked Fun At Yeji For Being Roommates

In one of their previous behind-the-scenes videos, Koreaboo reported that Chaeryeong and Yeji talked about their then-new room assignments, especially about themselves being roommates.

The ITZY leader asked her co-member how she felt about it. To her surprise, the group’s main dancer stated that there was “nothing special,” adding that Yeji does not clean up.

The oldest member later followed it up and asked Chaeryeong about the advantages of sharing rooms. “Hilariously,” the idol poked fun at her co-member and joked about having no benefits to it.

Despite the funny responses, Yeji shared her touching answer to her own question. She told Chaeryeong that having a roommate and “being together is nice," adding that “it is not lonely” and “it is less scary.”

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The Members Love Living Together Under One Roof

The members of ITZY officially debuted under JYP Entertainment in 2019. They have since been living together under one roof.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2021, the five K-pop idols shared some of their thoughts about their chemistry over the years. Koreaboo reported that this led the group’s maknae to discuss their “tight” bond as they all live together.

The interviewer consequently asked whether the idols love this kind of living arrangement. They all said “yes” to the question, although Yuna had something to add to her response.

The maknae revealed that, while they do not immensely love “all the time,” she pointed out that “it is very great” and “cool” before saying it is a “really happy experience.”

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Current Living Arrangements

To date, it is unclear whether Chaeryeong and Yeji are still roommates. It also remains unknown whether they have already relocated to a new dorm.

But, there have been some speculations that they moved to a new space. Some netizens have even alleged that the members of ITZY now have their own respective rooms.

Watch this space for more ITZY Chaeryeong news.

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