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TWICE Nayeon Reveals, Explains Her All-Time Makeup Preferences

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Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

TWICE Nayeon is no stranger to wearing makeup. She has worn different kinds of styles since her and her co-members debuted in 2015.

Over the years, fans and followers have continued to praise and compliment the idol for her visuals. Whether she is or not wearing makeup, many people have always commended her looks.

Among all the styles she has sported, though, Nayeon previously shared her preferences in terms of makeup looks. Daily Portal Net released a report, detailing what the idol said about the matter.

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What TWICE Nayeon Likes For Her Makeup

The publication said the exchange occurred during the behind-the-scenes video for her photoshoot with Chaumet. While scanning some of her photos from the shoot, she reportedly singled out a few shots, especially those that feature her wearing natural makeup.

Upon doing so, the interviewer is said to have asked the TWICE member about her preferences in makeup. She was given a choice between “bold” or “natural” styles.

Reportedly, to the surprise of the interviewer, the K-pop idol could not pick one. As it happened, she prefers “a mix of both,” even referring to the style as “effortlessly bold makeup.”

Nayeon is reported to have explained the reason behind it. She likes makeup looks that “take some effort” over those that can be done quickly.

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About Aegyo-Sal Makeup

Reports said that one of Nayeon’s eye-catching facial attributes is her aegyo-sal. This likely explains why many fans and followers are eager to know how she does her makeup, highlighting this part of her face.

K Beauty Addiction previously shared some tips on how to reproduce and replicate the makeup looks of TWICE, basing especially on their visuals for Alcohol-Free.

In the oldest member’s category, the platform noted how to do the Aegyo-Sal Makeup. It stated that adding a concealer under the eyes and pinkish shadows over it would do the trick.

As for the specific makeup products, it is said that the TWICE members use The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer and MAC Eyeshadow Shell Peach.

Watch this space for more TWICE Nayeon news.


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