Kep1er Bahiyyih Skincare 2022: TXT Kai Sister Follows Strict Routines?

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Credit: Kep1er/YouTube Screenshot

Kep1er Bahiyyih entered the world of K-pop in her teenage years. But, she formally laid out her path in this space when she joined Mnet’s Girls Planet 999 in 2021.

The 17-year-old personality debuted as a K-pop idol earlier in January. It came after she won second place in the reality competition show, allowing her to officially join the all-female nine-member act, Kep1er.

Being a rookie idol, there is very little information about Bahiyyih's life. These include details about herself, even her day-to-day regimens, like her skincare.

Despite this, fans and followers are seemingly eager to learn more about her today.

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Kep1er Bahiyyih Shares Her Morning Routine

The Kep1er member has yet to share how she does her skincare routines. But, she once told her groupmates the first thing she does when she wakes up.

In a Mnet video, taken by the so-called “Kep1er cam,” Bahiyyih provides the other members a glimpse into her morning rituals. This does not, however, include the details of her skincare.

She only stated that she gets up from bed around 6 in the morning. She then takes her comb to brush her hair and stated that it is because her hair gets “so tangled” during these hours.

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Kep1er Members As S2ND Ambassadors

Similarly, Bahiyyih has not revealed the skincare and other beauty products that she uses regularly. But, since becoming an endorser of the S2ND brand, along with the rest of her co-members, it is likely that they all utilize some of the items from the label.

The nine Kep1er members officially became the models of the brand about a month after their debut. During the same period, S2ND released new product lines, according to AllKpop.

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K-pop Idols and Skincare Routines

While Bahiyyih may have yet to reveal the details of her skincare, it would not come as a surprise that she follows a routine to take good care of her skin. As a K-pop idol, it has become all too common in the industry.

There is a possibility that the Kep1er member will soon share how she does her day-to-day regimen. But, for now, speculations are the ones that remain apparent in terms of her skincare practices.


Watch this space for more Kep1er Bahiyyih news.

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