Kep1er Mashiro Diet 2022: Group’s Best Cook Observes Strict Regimens?

Credit: Kep1er/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Kep1er/YouTube Screenshot

Staying in shape, fit, and healthy is one of the things that K-pop idols prioritize in their careers. Despite being a rookie, Kep1er Mashiro likely does the same, and so do her co-members.

As an idol, taking care of their visuals, including their figures, is the norm. This is why following diet regimens among personalities in the world of K-pop no longer surprises fans and followers.

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Does Kep1er Mashiro Follow Diet Regimens?

While dieting is nothing new in the K-pop scene, not all idols disclose how they do it. Mashiro and the rest of the group are among those who have yet to share their diet regimens and practices.

To date, there is very little to no information on how the Kep1er members stay fit and healthy. But, in a previous engagement, the WA DA DA singers revealed that they only eat salads in their dorm when asked about the matter.

It is also unclear whether they observe some restrictions when it comes to their meal consumption.

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About Mashiro's Favorite Foods

Despite the lack of information about Mashiro's diet, Channel-Korea reported that she is "passionate about cooking," with reports adding that it is one of her "specialties."

But, details about the claims have remained scarce, making it unclear what type or kind of foods she prepares and cooks.

Even so, the Kep1er member reportedly loves eating fish cutlets, sandwiches, fried chicken, and omelettes. It is also said that she likes mint chocolates and dipping sauces, according to K Profiles.

On the other hand, it is stated that the K-pop idol does not like acorns, a roe of sea urchin, and jelly salad Coriandrum.

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The Group's Best Cook

The Up! singers, recently named Mashiro as one of the group's "best cooks" in their shared dorm.

During an engagement with Seventeen earlier in March, the members of Kep1er were asked which of them is the best cook. Most of the idols mentioned Mashiro, while others included Yeseo and Chaehyun on the list.

Watch this space for more Kep1er Mashiro news.

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