Kep1er Chaehyun Boyfriend 2022: Everything You Need to Know

Credit: Kep1er/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Kep1er/YouTube Screenshot

Kep1er Chaehyun became an official K-pop idol earlier this year. She and the rest of the group debuted as an all-female nine-member act under Wake One Entertainment and Swing Entertainment.

In less than a year, the WA DA DA singers have already amassed numerous fans and followers across the globe. But, considering the short period of exposure to the world of entertainment, the public still has a lot to learn about the K-pop rookies.

To date, there is very little information about the idols, especially on matters relating to their personal lives. These include their relationship statuses and dating histories.

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About Kep1er Chaehyun And Her Relationship Status

Similar to her co-members, Chaehyun has not faced any dating rumors or speculation in the last few months. She has not been linked to anyone romantically since she and the rest of the group debuted in January.

The Kep1er member has not also talked about this aspect of her life before the public. It is not surprising, however, as celebrities in the world of South Korean entertainment prefer to keep details of their lives behind closed doors under wraps.

Accordingly, as far as the public is concerned, the group's center is currently single and not in a relationship. It is also unknown whether she has had relationships or romantic ties.

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Focusing On Her Career As An Idol

Meanwhile, Chaehyun appears to have focused on her career since she began training to become an idol. Channel-Korea said she started her trainee life at the age of 13, noting that she dropped out of middle school.

Despite leaving school for her career, the K-pop idol reportedly independently passed her middle and high school examinations at the time.

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The outlet continued that the Kep1er member first trained under SM Entertainment. She spent four years as a trainee with the label before opting to train on her own for two years.

Chaehyun participated in Girls Planet 999 in 2021 and ended up placing first in the overall line-up of the reality competition show. This allowed her to debut as a member of Kep1er in January.

Watch this space for more Kep1er Chaehyun news.

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