TWICE Mina Skincare 2022: Idol Unveils Secrets To Achieve Porcelain, Spotless Skin

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Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

TWICE Mina recently shared that she had just started to take an interest in skincare. Fans and followers may find it hard to believe because of her flawless and impeccable skin.

What the idol likely meant was that she had just begun exploring her options. As it happened, she has always had her skincare routines, even sharing some tips and secrets with her audience.

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Secrets, Tips To, Achieve A "Porcelain" Skin

In 2020, Mina sat down to talk about her skincare practices with Interview Magazine. She stated that she only has two secrets to having and maintaining spot-free, porcelain skin, according to Koreaboo.

The TWICE member emphasized that the number one rule is to never “rub” the face. She stressed the importance of avoiding touching the skin and keeping it to a minimum as much as possible.

For the second tip, the K-pop idol centered the focus on using the ideal skincare products. She noted that it is a must to choose those that suit the skin best to enhance it.

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TWICE Mina Heavily Uses Skincare Products From Estee Lauder

Kpop Starz said that Mina is the only K-pop idol who made it to the list of the top five celebrities with blemish-free, porcelain skin in South Korea. She ranked four on the rundown, which was noted to be dominated by prominent actresses.

The same publication then went on to reveal the skincare products that the TWICE member swore by at the time. She reportedly shared it with her followers on Instagram in mid-2020.

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The products are all from Estee Lauder, a brand that is well-known for its quality skincare and beauty items.

Mina’s regimen reportedly featured the label’s Advanced Night Repair, Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix, Revitalizing Supreme / Night Intensive Restorative Creme, and Micro Essence.

For the initial cleansing step of her routine, the TWICE member stated that she loves using cleansing oils.


Watch this space for more TWICE Mina news.

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