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ITZY Lia Workout 2022: Loco Singer Stays Slim, Fit Because Of These Routines

Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

ITZY Lia reportedly stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs over 47 kilos (103.4 lbs). Based on calculations, she is a little underweight as the ideal mass for her height falls somewhere around 51 kilos to 67 kilos.

As per her co-member, though, the group strives to keep low weight for their stint as K-pop idols. Ryujin explained that it is not for their appearance but the quality of their performances.

Consequently, it makes sense why the five-member act, including Lia, follows routines to maintain their shape.

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"Non-Stop" Dancing Every Day Is Part Of The Gig

There is little information on how the oldest member of the group does her workout to keep herself in shape. But, Kpop Starz reported that dancing plays an integral role in it.

As claimed, Lia practices dancing five days a week. The reported minimum time of daily rehearsals is three to five hours.

But, these increase significantly when ITZY has promotions, comeback activities, and stage performances. It is stated that the group members spend about nine to ten hours per day practicing their dance steps and choreographies.

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ITZY Lia Takes Time To Finish Her Food

Another “routine” that Lia does, allowing herself to limit her meal consumption, is she eats slowly. It is unclear, however, whether the practice is a conscious habit or not.

In an episode of 2TZY: Hello 2021, Ryujin told viewers that her unnie “enjoys every bite of food.” She rarely touches her spoon and focuses instead on talking to her co-members.

The ITZY member continued that Lia even tends to forget the meals in front of her because she chats all the time with her groupmates. If not, though, she was revealed to have about a ten-minute interval when touching her spoon and taking a bite.

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What Lia Eats In A Day

Lia opts to eat healthily, according to Koreaboo. For her breakfast and, sometimes, brunch, she chooses to consume a fruit smoothie.

She reportedly follows it with her chosen snacks, which usually feature cherry tomatoes with either honey or balsamic sauce. As added, the ITZY member prefers to snack multiple times throughout the day.

Watch this space for more ITZY Lia news.

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