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Kate Moss Shock: Supermodel Still In Love With Johnny Depp? Former Couple Urged To Date Again After Actress Testified In Defamation Trial

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Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube Screenshot

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp are sparking rumors that they could get back together again one day. After all, the supermodel recently testified in favor of Depp in the latter’s ongoing defamation trial against his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

In her testimony, Kate Moss denied the rumors that Johnny Depp physically assaulted her while they were dating sometime between 1994 and 1998. Heard’s legal team claimed that they heard rumors regarding the alleged altercation, that’s why they wanted Moss to testify.

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Kate Moss Denies Claims That Johnny Depp Assaulted Her

Unfortunately, Heard’s legal team wasn't able to use Moss’s accounts to strengthen their case against The Pirates of the Caribbean actor. After all, Moss denied that Depp pushed or kicked her. She also said that the rumors that the actor threw her down the stairs weren’t true.

“He never pushed me, kicked me, or threw me down any stairs. Johnny had left the room before I did, and there had been a rainstorm. And as I left the room, I slid down the stairs and hurt my back. I screamed because I didn’t know what happened to me and I was in pain. And he came running back to help me and carried me to my room and got me medical attention,” Moss explained (via Geo. TV).

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Johnny Depp, Kate Moss Fans Urge The Exes To Get Back Together

After hearing Moss’s accounts, fans of the model, as well as Depp’s supporters, couldn’t help but link them to each other again. Some are also convinced that Moss is still in love with Depp, that’s why she decided to testify in court.

Some fans even gave Depp suggestions on what he could do after his defamation trial is over. They said that the Edward Scissorhands star should reach out to Moss and ask her out on a date. And if everything goes well, the exes should consider marrying each other.

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Johnny Depp Accused Of Trashing His, Kate Moss’s Hotel Room

According to reports, Depp and Moss first met each other in 1994 through their common friend, George Wayne. They later had dinner with Naomi Campbell, and Wayne said that he didn’t expect that Depp and Moss would be an IT couple for the years to come.

In the same year, Depp and Moss made headlines after the former was arrested for allegedly trashing a room at the Mark Hotel in New York City. Police revealed that they saw Moss and Depp sitting in the middle of the room when they arrived on the scene.

During his libel lawsuit against The Sun in 2020, Depp admitted to his involvement in the incident. But he also said that he offered to pay for everything that was broken inside the hotel room.

Johnny Depp, Kate Moss Open Up About Their Breakup

In her interview with Vanity Fair in 2012, Moss revealed that she struggled a lot following her split from Depp.

“There’s nobody that’s ever really been able to take care of me. Johnny did for a bit. I believed what he said. Like if I said, ‘What do I do?’ he’d tell me. I really lost that gauge of [having] somebody I could trust. [It was a] nightmare,” she said.

During his interview with Hello! magazine in 1998, Depp admitted that one of the reasons why he and Moss split was because he didn’t give her the attention that she deserved.


“I have never got that emotional over a woman before. I have been so stupid because we had so much going for our relationship. I’m the one who has to take responsibility for what happened – I was difficult to get on with, I let my work get in the way and I didn’t give her the attention I should have done. The whole thing was crazy because I should never have gotten so worked up over what people had to say about my work. Sure, I should care about my movies but when I get home, I should try to leave that stuff behind. I couldn’t do that, and it was horrific to live with. Trust me, I’m a total moron sometimes,” he said (via Us Weekly).

As of late, there’s no indication that Depp and Moss plan to get back together. But their supporters are most likely thrilled over the fact that they are both single.

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