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Kate Middleton Shock: Prince William’s Wife Allegedly Wants Princess Charlotte to Know That Prince Harry Wrote About His ‘Toddler Tears’ to Make Some Profit in Spare

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Kate Middleton and Prince William have not commented on Prince Harry’s memoir even though some of the latter’s stories in Spare are about him. The Prince and Princess of Wales will most likely never comment on Prince Harry’s book because, as the future king and queen of Britain, they are not allowed to do so.

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Prince William Allegedly Blocked All Contact With Prince Harry Following Spare Release

But according to New Idea, Prince William and Kate Middleton reacted to Prince Harry’s memoir privately. A source for the magazine claimed that Prince William decided to block all contact with his younger brother.

Close friends of the Prince of Wales allegedly want to stick up for him by exposing Prince Harry’s dirty little secrets.

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Kate Middleton Called King Charles And Prince William After Hearing Stories About Princess Charlotte In Spare?

Middleton, on the other hand, allegedly had a different reaction to Prince Harry’s revelations in Spare. The mom of three allegedly wasn’t surprised when the Duke of Sussex talked about her feud with Meghan Markle. But she allegedly became upset when Prince Harry talked about Princess Charlotte crying because her bridesmaid dress didn’t fit her.

The source alleged that Middleton phoned King Charles and Prince William and told them that enough is enough. The doting mom allegedly wants Prince Harry to know that he cannot say anything about her children.

And when Princess Charlotte is much older, Middleton allegedly wants her to know that uncle Harry sold her “toddler tears” in exchange for profit on his book.

“The kids are not fair game. Harry knows all too well how dangerous it is security-wise to drag the kids into any conflict. Plus, Kate can’t believe Charlotte has to grow up knowing her uncle wrote about her toddler tears to make money off a book,” the source said.

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Prince Harry Claims Princess Charlotte Cried After Trying On Her Bridesmaid Dress?

In Spare, Prince Harry revealed that Princess Charlotte cried after trying on her bridesmaid dress. He also said that Middleton became upset because her daughter’s gown was ill-fitting.

“Charlotte’s dress is too big, too long, too baggy. She cried when she tried it on a home,” Middleton reportedly texted Markle.

Prince Harry once again talked about Princess Charlotte in his book when he recounted a question that was asked him after his niece’s birth.

A reporter asked the Duke of Sussex to comment on the fact that he dropped his place in the line of succession following Princess Charlotte’s birth.

“A journalist questioned me about it as though I’d received a terminal diagnosis. I thought: First of all, it’s a good thing to be farther from the center of a volcano. Second, what kind of monster would think of himself and his place in the line of succession at such a time, rather than welcoming a new life into the world?” he said.

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