Kate Middleton Heartbreak: Foreign Office To Be Blamed For Duchess And Prince William's 'Humiliating' Tour? Prince Harry Warned Against Criticizing His Sister-In-Law In Upcoming Memoir

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Kate Middleton and Prince William’s recently concluded Caribbean tour was hounded with controversy after a crowd staged protests prior to the arrival of the royal couple. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge faced backlash for Britain’s history of slavery and colonization of the Caribbean Islands.

People in the said region are demanding an apology for the brutal history of colonialism. Amid the outrage, Kate Middleton and Prince William were able to maintain their cool and continued with their royal engagements and activities in three Caribbean states — Belize, Jamaica, and The Bahamas.

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Recently, royal author Tom Bower slammed the Foreign Office over Kate Middleton and Prince William’s “disastrous” royal Caribbean tour. Keep on reading to know more details.

Should Foreign Office Be Blamed For Kate Middleton And Prince William’s ‘Humiliating’ Tour?

Royal author Tom Bower sat down on Sky News to talk about the royal tour of Kate Middleton and Prince William in the Caribbean region. He accused the Foreign Office of not doing its job properly by preparing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for the tour.

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Tom Bower even described the Caribbean tour of the Cambridge pair as a “disaster” as it gained much bad press due to many Caribbean public figures speaking out and slamming Kate Middleton and Prince William. Speaking to Sky News, the royal author said:

"I think what went wrong is it starts at the top in the Foreign Office and it goes down to the High Commissioner in Jamaica that they didn't prepare properly and understand what was going to happen when the royal couple stood in front of Prime Minister Andrew Holness. That he was going to use their presence to score very, very cheap political points. That's the sort of thing that should be anticipated by British Foreign Office officials and by the couple's own staff. It was a very bad visit and so humiliating for a couple who I think are just wonderful, who try their hardest and do their best for Britain.”

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Of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s most recent Caribbean visit, Tom Bower added:

"They were put in an impossible position by Philip Barton, head of the Foreign Office and the High Commissioner. Those two officials should have known what was coming, they should have prepared the ground. It's been an absolutely humiliating disaster for them."

The royal author furthered:

"We have diplomats who are not well educated and intelligent and don't understand the art of politics and diplomacy and then the victims are Kate and William were humiliated and trying to do their best."

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Earlier this week, Global Dancehall artist Beenie Man slammed Kate Middleton and Prince William during an appearance on Good Morning Britain. He said:

"If Harry was coming people would react different… people are going to meet Harry, but William.. we don’t want to see that."

He went on to say that:

"We are just here, controlled by the British, ruled by the British law when you go in the court, it’s all about the Queen and the Queen serve and the Queen this and that – but what are they doing for Jamaica? They’re not doing anything for us."

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Many people in the Afro Caribbean region suggested the removal of Queen Elizabeth as its head of state due to Britain’s involvement in the brutal slave trade. Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu slammed Kate Middleton and Prince William on Jeremy Vine when discussing the royal tour and pushed for operations to be paid back to the Caribbean people.

The British Nigerian political commentator said:

"People keep on talking about Britain leading the way in the abolition of the slave trade. What Britain then did was go from stealing millions of individual Africans to colonising entire nations, where they committed mass crimes. They stole the wealth and national resources. I don't care if it's £300 million or billion – Britain cannot possibly afford to pay back what it owes to African nations. It owes far more."

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She added:

"You still need to pay something. The question is, 'is there a moral duty to apologise?"

Prince Harry Warned Against Lambasting Kate Middleton In His Memoir

Meanwhile, Prince Harry has been issued a warning against criticizing the wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton, in his upcoming memoir. Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams described the imminent book of Meghan Markle’s husband as a “problem” for the two royal brothers’ rift.

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He added that involving Kate Middleton would be “ill-judged.” Richard Fitzwilliams also shared that the forthcoming memoir of Prince Harry is likely to be “commercial.”

Speaking to the To Di For Daily podcast, the royal expert furthered:

“Both brothers were inseparable. And there’s no doubt that one of the tragedies is that they’ve taken very, very different roads. I see no, no rift being healed, unfortunately, because what you’re looking at now is a memoir that Harry is writing that’s coming out in the autumn now. The problem is what is going to be in that book.”

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Prince Harry has yet to comment on Richard Fitzwilliams’ warning against criticizing Kate Middleton. According to a press release, the “intimate and heartfelt” memoir of Meghan Markle’s better half is set to be released in late 2022.

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