Queen Elizabeth Revelation: Prince Charles' Mom Using A Golf Cart Amid Mobility Issues? Her Majesty To Reportedly Lose Another Major Title Soon

Credit: BBC/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BBC/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Elizabeth has been making it to the headlines recently due to her allegedly "deteriorating" health. Speculations have it that Her Majesty would never be seen attending public engagements again to focus on her recuperation after contracting the deadly COVID-19 earlier this year and her hospitalization in October 2021.

In February, Queen Elizabeth was even heard complaining of stiffness when she was receiving two senior Royal Navy officers at her Windsor Castle residence. Her Majesty said she can’t move as she stood while holding a walking stick.

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Now, new reports suggested that Queen Elizabeth is using a deluxe golf cart to go around Windsor Castle as she is “struggling with stiffness in her legs.” Keep on reading to know more details.

Express UK reported that Queen Elizabeth got herself a £62,000 four-seat golf buggy to help her get around her residence in Berkshire. Her Majesty is said to have already gone for a spin with royal aides.

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It was even claimed that royal staff have helped Queen Elizabeth’s dogs to sit next to her on the golf cart so she could enjoy the trip with her beloved pets. An unnamed insider from Windsor Castle claimed:

"The cart arrived in the last fortnight. She and her aides have already used it. Last week she took the dogs out in it for a tour around the private grounds."

The source went on to say that the delivery of the so-called “Queen Mobile” came as Queen Elizabeth is said to be “struggling with stiffness” in her legs.

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It continued:

"Her Majesty is struggling with stiffness in her legs, so the cart is a perfect solution to getting her around. She’s been through a lot of physical battles recently with Covid and her back sprain, which would take its toll on anyone — let alone someone who turns 96 next month."

Danish firm Garia, as part of a tie-up with Mercedez-Benz, built the deluxe golf cart of Queen Elizabeth. Per reports, the buggy can reach 43mph and can go 50 miles before the lithium battery needs recharging.

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It was also claimed that the said cart comes with “weather enclosure” doors to protect Queen Elizabeth from any breeze. An informant even described the deluxe buggy as being “fit for a Queen,” saying:

"Hopefully it will help her fulfill her engagements. Everyone wants her to carry on for as long as possible being seen by the public. I’m sure the Queen would rather walk to events and carry on as normal, but she is struggling at the moment."

The sources also provided a key update on the health of Queen Elizabeth, stating:

"Her mind is still razor-sharp and she has no intention of abdicating."

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Most, if not all, royal fans can recall that Queen Elizabeth was first spotted using a walking stick during an engagement at Westminster Abbey in October 2021. At the time, it was reported that Her Majesty was using the support for comfort rather than for an ailment.

Queen Elizabeth has since been sighted using it other times. Last month, the British monarch appeared to hint at issues with her mobility when she said “as you can see, I can’t move” as she was greeting guests for an in-person engagement.

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Her Majesty is reportedly not the first member of the Royal Family to take advantage of a golf cart to help her go to events. Queen Elizabeth’s mother, The Queen Mother, was chauffeured to events using a golf buggy in her late years.

Belize To Remove Queen Elizabeth As Head Of State?

Meanwhile, reports have claimed that Belize is now looking into becoming a republic. The speculations emerged shortly after Kate Middleton and Prince William visited the nation, where they were met with a protest.

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It was claimed that the government in Belize has announced the People's Constitutional Commission, a body under the Constitutional and Political Reform Ministry, which would hold "consultations across the country on the continuing decolonization process."

To recall, on their eight-day visit to the Caribbean on behalf of Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton and Prince William landed in Belize first. They then left the said state for Jamaica and arrived in The Bahamas on the last leg of their tour.

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Queen Elizabeth has yet to comment on the reports about her using a deluxe golf cart and Belize removing her as the head of state. So, avid followers of the British monarch should take all these claims lightly until everything is proven true and correct.

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