Kate Middleton Heartbreak: Duchess Worried Harry, Meghan Would Drop A Bombshell On Her Birthday? Sussexes Known For Stealing Her Thunder

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Kate Middleton’s 40th birthday is just a few more days away, and there are reports suggesting that Prince William is planning something special for his wife of 10 years.

While it seems unlikely for Middleton to have a huge celebration due to the increasing number of omicron cases in the United Kingdom, it’s possible for the Cambridges to do something memorable at home.

However, it’s been years since Kate Middleton had a peaceful birthday celebration. After all, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been accused of upstaging the Duchess of Cambridge’s special day.


There was a time when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their decision to quit The Firm on Middleton’s birthday. And there was also a time when Prince Harry and Markle announced the latter’s pregnancy on Middleton’s special day.

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Kate Middleton Worried About Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s Latest Bombshell

Heat UK, in its Jan. 10 issue, claimed that Middleton is keeping her fingers crossed that the Sussexes won’t upstage her birthday this time around. There’s no proof that Prince Harry and Markle are doing this intentionally, but the future queen consort couldn’t help but think this way because of the weird coincidences.

“There’s a very real fear inside the palace about what Harry and Meghan could do that may consequently overshadow Kate’s birthday. If it sounds negative or cynical to be thinking this way, it’s only because the Sussexes – and, to be honest, Meghan in particular – have a history of speaking up at the worst possible time. So, when it comes to many members of the royal family, they’re always on guard,” an unnamed source said.


Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Have Been Upstaging The Royal Family, Not Just Kate Middleton

Other than Middleton, Prince Harry and Markle have also upstaged other members of the royal family like Princess Eugenie, Queen Elizabeth, and Prince Philip.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they were expecting their first child at Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding in 2018. Prince Harry and Markle also launched their charity, Archewell shortly after Queen Elizabeth gave an important address.

And most recently, Prince Harry and Markle’s interview aired on television just days after the Duke of Edinburgh’s death.

Kate Middleton Wants A Simple, Quiet Birthday Celebration

Some palace insiders are saying that overlaps in activities and engagements are not surprising especially for high-profile individuals. And it could become more common now that the Sussexes and Cambridges no longer know each other’s schedules.


“It’s awful that this is a scenario that they’re faced with. But, after all of Harry and Meghan’s behavior – which some people see as inconsiderate – the idea of them stealing Kate’s thunder and ruining her day is seen as a very real possibility and not something that can be stopped,” the unnamed source said.

Prince Harry and Markle posting another announcement around the time of Middleton’s birthday will also, reportedly, shine a light on just how divided the royal family really is. And also confirms that the Sussexes and the Cambridges won’t patch things up anytime soon.

At the end of the day, Prince William and Middleton’s goal is to have a quiet and peaceful celebration on Jan. 9. So, they are, allegedly, planning a low-key gathering at home with their kids.

Prince William, Kate Middleton Visiting The United States

Months later, Prince William and Middleton will visit the United States for the Earthshot Prize awards, and this trip could coincide with the future king’s birthday.


“Maybe that will be their chance to spend some time with Harry and Meghan. Or, at the very least, they could beat them at their own game and make some headlines of their own on their home turf. Inadvertently, of course,” the unnamed source concluded.

As of late, Middleton’s 40th birthday plans are still being kept a secret. And the Cambridges do not usually share their private plans before they even happen.

Sussexes Upstaged Kate Middleton, Prince William’s Son’s Birthday

However, it is true that Prince Harry and Markle have been accused of upstaging not just Middleton but the other members of the royal family as well.


In April, Middleton shared an adorable photo of her son, Prince Louis on his birthday. Shortly after, a photo of Markle with her son, Archie also made headlines.

On Twitter, several critics lambasted Markle over the timing of the release of her son’s photo.

“Fascinating timing here. Gotta try and upstage the Cambridges somehow,” one of them said.

Another royal fan accused Markle of staging the photo op with Archie.

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Queen Elizabeth Upstaged By Prince Harry

In February, Prince Harry was accused of upstaging Queen Elizabeth and her important message about the COVID-19 vaccine when he appeared on TV to talk about The Crown.

At the time, the Duke of Sussex was asked who he thinks should portray him in the hit Netflix series.

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