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Kate Middleton Heartbreak: Duchess Of Cambridge's Mom Carole Fears About Her Royal Future With Prince William?

Kate Middleton and Prince William have been married for a decade already and share three adorable children. However, at one point, Middleton's mom, Carole, was allegedly concerned about her future with the Duke of Cambridge.

Kate Middleton And Prince William's Royal Romance Got Her Mom Carole Worried

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met when they attended St. Andrews University in 2001. They started as good friends and their friendship turned into a full-bloom romance. However, it took a decade since they met when they finally decided to tie the knot.

Prince William and Middleton graduated in 2005. By the time, they had already broken up twice and the royal prince had never proposed to Middleton, which got Carole "concerned." As a mom, she wasn't sure what her daughter's future would be with the royal prince.

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"Carole is concerned that Kate's life has come to a bit of a standstill," a source close to the Middleton family told royal expert Katie Nicholl in 2009, Mirror reported. "She says Kate can't get on and do normal things because of the public interest in her. She's of the opinion privately that William should make an honest woman out of her so that she isn't left waiting in limbo."

Middleton had numerous jobs after the university. She worked at her parents' company. She also worked part-time as an accessories buyer with the British label Jigsaw, so she could still carry out her duties as Prince William's royal girlfriend.

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Prince Harry's older brother eventually proposed to Middleton during their trip to Kenya in 2010. Their engagement calmed down, Carole.

Prince William, who was already very close to Middleton's family, admitted he was considering asking her hand from her parents first, especially her dad, Michael Middleton. However, he feared they might say "no," so he proposed to Middleton first because he knew his then-girlfriend wouldn't turn him down. They told her family when they returned from their trip.

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What Took Prince William So Long To Propose To Kate Middleton?

Kate Middleton waited for years before Prince William asked her hand in marriage. Due to the long wait, many mocked her and some even called her "Waity Katie." However, for his part, Prince William had a reason why he took his time before the proposal.

According to Nicholl in her book The Making of a Royal Romance, Prince William was adamant about marrying Middleton after witnessing his parents' unhappy marriage. Prince William was aware that his father, Prince Charles, was pressured into marrying his mom Princess Diana because she was the perfect bride. Unfortunately, their marriage did not work.

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The second in line to the throne didn't want to be pressured. He took things at his own pace because he wanted to be sure when it came to his royal bride.

In 2002, there were already rumors that he would propose to Middleton. However, he shut down the rumors saying that marriage was not on the cards at the time because he was still too young.

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"Look, I'm only twenty-two, for God's sake," he explained. "I don't want to get married until I am at least 28 or maybe 30."

True to his words, Prince William was 28 when he and Middleton exchanged their wedding vows. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary on April 20.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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