Kate Middleton Convinced Prince William To Have Baby No. 4? Wales Couple Could Reportedly Make A Surprise Pregnancy Announcement Next Year

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Kate Middleton and Prince William have already been blessed with three healthy and adorable kids. But if it were only up to the Princess of Wales, the royal couple could have more children. However, Middleton has made it clear multiple times that her husband no longer wants to have a fourth child.

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Did Kate Middleton Finally Convince Prince William To Have Another Baby?

During her previous outings, Kate Middleton told royal fans that Prince William is more than content with having three kids. Even Prince William joked that royal fans shouldn’t give Middleton any more ideas about having another child.


But according to Us Weekly, the mom of three may have finally convinced her husband that having four kids is better.

“Kate has been talking about wanting another baby for a while now. She has always wanted four children, and while William was originally happy with three, she has managed to twist his arm,” a source said.

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Kate Middleton And Prince William Could Make A Pregnancy Announcement Next Year?

Those close to the couple are also reportedly convinced that Prince William and Middleton can make a surprise pregnancy announcement early next year.


“[Their pals] wouldn’t be surprised if we’ll be hearing an announcement early next year,” the source said.

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Kate Middleton And Prince William Haven't Confirmed Any Plans To Have Another Child

As of writing, Kate Middleton and Prince William have not revealed any plans to expand their family. But having a fourth child will be a piece of welcome news for the people who have been following their family for years.

Since Prince Louis is already four years old, it would be nice to see the Prince and Princess of Wales with another infant in tow. However, there are a lot of factors that they need to consider before agreeing to grow their family.


Kate Middleton is already in her 40s, so it may no longer be easy for her to pregnant. And since she suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum or extreme morning sickness during her three pregnancies, it’s highly likely for her to experience it again if she gets pregnant with baby number four.

Prince William and Kate Middleton also have more royal duties and engagements these days following Queen Elizabeth’s death, so now may not be the best time to have another child.

Still, the decision will depend solely on the royal couple. And even though Middleton has been vocal about feeling broody every time she’s around babies, this is not enough proof to say that she and Prince William will have another baby next year.

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