Kate Middleton Appears in More Headlines Compared to King Charles? Expert Claims People Love to See the Princess of Wales Because She’s Most Appealing

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Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Kate Middleton has reportedly been appearing in more headlines compared to King Charles. And even though the monarch hasn’t verbalized any complaints, a royal expert suggested that King Charles is rankled by Middleton’s popularity a bit.

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King Charles Used To Seeing Other Royals In More Headlines Compared To Him?

According to royal expert Richard Eden, King Charles might already be used to seeing other royals appearing in more headlines compared to him. After all, a similar thing happened when Princess Diana was still alive.


Eden also explained why he thinks Middleton appears in more headlines compared to his father-in-law.

“Well I think he’s kind of getting used to it, isn’t he? I mean, remember the day that Charles was proclaimed king? He wasn’t on the front pages because the Sunday papers had all that walkabout at Windsor with Catherine, William, Harry, and Meghan. So he’s kind of getting used to that but I’m sure it does rankle a bit. I mean when he was sort of known to be resentful when Diana used to get all the headlines. And now he’s king but it’s Catherine on the front pages. But it was Catherine who was wearing the finest jewelry,” Eden said (via Cheat Sheet).

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People Love To See Kate Middleton In The Headlines Because She’s Most Appealing?

The royal expert added that the public love to see Middleton because she’s one of the most appealing people within the royal family.


“People love to see her. You know, handsome man though he is, Charles. I think we’re in the business of selling papers so we do want the most appealing person on our front pages. I think men appreciate that on these occasions, it’s the women who take the glory,” he said.

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Kate Middleton Doesn’t Want To Upstage Other Members Of The Royal Family, Source Claims


But despite her popularity, body language expert Darren Stanton also said it was never Middleton’s intention to upstage anyone. In fact, she allowed Queen Consort Camilla to shine at the state dinner last week.

The Princess of Wales opted to wear a plum-colored dress, which was less vibrant compared to Queen Consort Camilla’s outfit.

“We also see Kate adopting a more plum or maroon color dress, which is still proportionate to her position as future queen and senior member of the royal family. However, it is not an overpowering color like a vibrant red or blue and she is not attempting to put herself in the spotlight,” he said.

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