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KARA Returns! Nicole, Jiyoung Join Gyuri, Seungyeon, Hara, Youngji To Celebrate 15th Anniversary With New Album

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Credit: TV-People/YouTube Screenshot

KARA is back! The six-member group will reunite with Nicole and Jiyoung to make their 15th anniversary this year.

This will be the first time Gyuri, Seungyeon, Hara, Youngji, Nicole, and Jiyoung will be together again on one stage after seven years. So, what does KARA have in store for fans this time?

Confirming KARA’s Reunion

The all-female group’s agency, RBW, released a statement on Monday, September 19, confirming KARA’s return in November.

They will be releasing a full album to mark the 15th anniversary of their debut.

“Since the new musical project is to celebrate the band’s 15th anniversary and is coming out after a long hiatus, we plan to fully support the members in gifting their fans with new music as much as possible,” the statement reads, via The Korea Herald.

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Gyuri, Seungyeon, Hara, Youngji, Nicole, and Jiyoung hope their fans will enjoy their new album. They even say they have long prepared for it, promising the incredible energy their supporters are about to feel.

Fans last heard of the girls in 2015 after releasing their seventh mini album, In Love. Nicole and Jiyoung will also join the reunion after leaving the group in 2014.

KARA’s Next Activities

As part of their 15th-anniversary celebration, RBW, which acquired KARA’s original agency DSP Media, will release KARA’s upcoming album.

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Aside from that, they will also grace several TV shows to promote their new album, per AllKpop.

KARA’s Debut

KARA debuted back in 2007 and released a number of hit songs, like “Honey,” “Pretty Girl,” “Mister,” “Jumping,” and “Lupin,” among others.

The girls reunited in June to celebrate their 15th anniversary, starting the rumors that they would be making their comeback.

At the time, they shared group photos on Instagram to thank their fans and celebrate the milestone, Soompi cited.

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After the group went on a hiatus, Gyu Rin, Seung Yeon, and Young Ji pursued solo careers, starting acting and doing other entertainment programs.

After releasing their first album Bloooooming, KARA has become a big part of the K-pop scene.

They were the first K-pop female group to perform at the Tokyo Dome, known as the biggest concert venue in Japan, in 2013.


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